Outdoor, landscape, bathroom, kitchen lighting

Brighten Up Your Home

Finding ways to allow more natural light into your home can make it feel more spacious, more inviting and more pleasurable to spend time in. Using minimalistic window treatments is one way to allow more natural light to flow into a room. Design tricks such as hanging mirrors and choosing accent pieces with a reflective quality can also be somewhat effective.

Big progress in rechargeable battery technology

The world awaits a major breakthrough in battery technology to power the portable electronics we all increasingly use - and researchers at an Irish University may just have made it.

Decorative lighting in the current society

Since the beginning of time, interiors were lit with decorative and mood-setting lights after the sun was set in the evening. Through the years, celebrations and holidays have been unique occasions when rooms are brilliantly lit and special lighting is used.

Ideas for handmade lamps

You can easily bring a personal touch to a room or a working space by adding something handmade. As lighting plays an important role in any modern habitat, the safest bet for joining both functionality and creativity is a lamp. Browsing trough Pinterest’s vast collection of pinned images I stumbled upon unique handmade lamps and fun, cool DIY projects.

The future lamp: Blackbody Bonzai

The OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) luminous panels are reinventing interior and home lighting. Relying on the latest development in nanotechnology, it is among the most efficient light source available today. The ultra thin luminous surface uses ultra-low energy, is long-lasting, heat-free and soft for the eyes. And due to a high rate of recyclability the OLED is among the most environmental friendly light sources.

Luminous, fresh nature on your desk

The original design of this FRESH LED desk lamp is inspired by tall wet grass, where the water drops magnify sunlight and the wet grass stems curve downward from the weight of the moisture. The stems of the FRESH LED desk lamp are bendable in all directions to direct prismatic light as a group or separately.

Porcelain ware lighting gadgets

Honestly, I have never seen such beautiful hybrid home gadgets like Ana Wagner’s lighting devices made from porcelain ware. Presented for the open public in an exhibition called Photophore, on May 27th, at Bucharest, each porcelain lamp is delicately hand painted, and therefore has a special story.

Let’s pour some light!

You now this scenario, I’m sure: you have a hard day at work, then take the crowded train and finally get home. There, the last thing you want is to do housework, because you’ll end up spelling everything anyway. Guess what, these kinds of days are actually really inspiring for designers.

Under our skin

An extraordinary exhibition awaits you until November 6, 2010 at the Next Level Gallery, in Paris. "Under my Skin", by architect and designer Bina Baitel, astonished its viewers with a series of mutant lamps and a new, original technique of light diffusion. Our favorite: a lamp that becomes carpet (Snug lamp) and another one that can provide you free space for your home (table lamp Pad);

A clean elegant sconce

What we love most about this lighting device is its elegant, minimalist and nevertheless modern design. Legna Wall Sconce is fabricated of steel, frosted acrylic and wood veneer - teak, walnut or zebrawood.

 Jefdesigns Legna Wall Sconce Jefdesigns Legna Wall Sconce 

Just twist it together!

It's not just a lamp, it's a TwistTogether Lamp! This revolutionary illuminating home gadget designed by Brooklyn-based Company TwistTogether can be rearranged in order to create unique designs. When connected, with a simple twist, the 4 blocks in the set light up radiating a soft, inviting glow.

Twist Together LampTwist Together Lamp

16 million shades from Philips LivingColors

After the overwhelming success of LivingColors Lamp, Philips comes back with this new version which is even more powerful than its predecessor. Philips LivingColors Generation 2 LED lamp can produce up to 16 million shades with a light output 50% higher than the previous version. In other words it’s very unlikely to get bored with so many colors to choose from.

Philips LivingColors Generation 2 LED lampPhilips LivingColors Generation 2 LED lamp

Shining ufo-s or futuristic lamps?

When it comes to lighting accessories what words would you choose for describing them? I'll say practical, ergonomic, low-energy consuming and totally fashionable. That's because I can't imagine a modern home without a fancy illuminating lamp that suits its style.

Whether you prefer a more extravagant style, or you chose being classical, online stores offer you a very large palette of lamps. Small, tall, futuristic, in shape of a fire ball, of an unidentified flying object (Eurolantern floor lamp by Moooi Works), squared or any other shape, lighting accessories are there to enrich one's house.Eurolantern floor lamp

Framed light – lamp by Julian Mayor

British furniture designer and artist Julian Mayor has created many works during his career, among them are also the lamp. This project is named «framed light», there is neither shade nor beautiful legs. Although such a lamp may seem too simple and boring, you must understand that there is a special lamp. With such thin set of rules he created the frame, more like a figure of a polyhedron from a textbook on geometry or drawing than in the shade.

Framed light – lamp by Julian Mayor