Porcelain ware lighting gadgets

Porcelain ware lighting gadgets

Honestly, I have never seen such beautiful hybrid home gadgets like Ana Wagner’s lighting devices made from porcelain ware. Presented for the open public in an exhibition called Photophore, on May 27th, at Bucharest, each porcelain lamp is delicately hand painted, and therefore has a special story.

The fragile bulb is being backed by brass or wood holder, giving these items a whimsical, vintage look.

Ana Wagner, Plants from my gardenAna Wagner, "Plants from my garden" table lamp

Wagner family business began in 2006, first in a smaller compass, and then sisters Ana and Irina extended their brand to porcelain ware, ceramics, painting on furniture and even fine art classes.

See more of their design work on Wagner website and feel free to tell me what you think about their latest collection!