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The Runwell Turntable is easy to use by any music enthusiast

Shinola teamed up with Astro and VPI to design a luxurious turntable fit for the resurrection of the vinyl era: The Runwell Turntable. The turntable marks the Detroit-based company's new Shinola Audio division, which is typically known for its leather products, bicycles and watches.

Go everywhere with your Globus

Globus is a mobile work-station for one person that offers flexibility and helps you work whenever, wherever you like. Thanks to its rotating chair and the pull-out table top, you can take your work-station at home, at the office or to an ideal quiet, light, warm place where you find inspiration to deal with your projects.

Soundshelf - bookshelf speakers

Do you think that music sound better from the Soundshelf - bookshelf  speakers? You are correct.

Who designed the Soundshelf - bookshelf speakers? 2 young Polish designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz had the brilliant idea to merge a self with high definition speakers.

Hive modular speakers system

The Hive modular speakers were produced from the desire to have a “wall of sound” when watching movies or listening to music. The modular system means that you can have one, or fill an entire wall with modular speakers.

The phonofone II

Passive amplification for your personal music player (ipod, mp3) has never been better integrated in your house design. Tristan Zimmermann is the designer of the “Phonofone II”. The phonofone is made completely from ceramic. Passive amplification means that the phonofone doesn’t use external power or batteries. The phonofone creatively exploits the qualities of horn acoustics to amplify the audio output of standard earphones to up to 55 decibels!

Flower wall clocks

These are just some wall clocks that aren't only functional but also highly decorative. The floral theme is so charming; especially with this pink Bouquet Clock made of laser cut acrylic Perspex.

belOga Sewing Machine

I don’t know how many of you out there hold a home sewing machine, but if you’re a DIY/craft/sewing geek like me you’ll want to know the latest news in the business. belOga sewing machine, only a project yet, combines top design with high efficiency.

Portable Rotary Phone

The Port-O-Rotary, available now in red, is an original rotary phone that has been specially modified to function like a mobile cell phone. All you have to do is open the phone, insert your SIM card, and turn the unit on which will operate your phone number and account minutes.

What keeps the retro mood alive is that this phone has a dial tone, dials out through the rotary and the incoming calls ring the original, loud, gong style metal bells.