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Toys & Games

Modern dollhouses by top architects

Let’s marvel a little more at these beautiful dollhouses created by British architects, miniatures that found their lucky owners this November. UK based developer Cathedral Group enlisted 20 top architecture firms who, alongside talented artists and designers, created contemporary takes on a childhood favorite - the dollhouse. The creations were auctioned on November 11 and the profit raised, close to £90,000 was donated to KIDS, a charity that supports disabled children and young people.

Water well bears

They’re sweet, fashionable and promise to bring fresh water for Tireli village in Mali, West Africa. Kumanokoido handmade teddy bears are the creation of Brooklyn based designer Junichi Nakane who, in December 2011, while on a cross-cultural expedition in Mali noticed the lack of clean water in the village of Tireli. By selling huggable, neat-looking handmade toy bears, he aims to cover the high cost ($15,000) for building a water well in that location and send a friendship message throughout.

Kumanokoido bears by designer Junichi NakaneKumanokoido bears by designer Junichi Nakane

Playing with extinct animals

Recent extinct animals are a great inspirational source for designers. Josh Finkle created special wooden toys based on four lost species: the Tasmanian Tiger, the Quagga, the Pig Footed Bandicoot and the Steller's Sea Cow, chosen for their beautiful shapes and patterns. The only difference is that the miniature toys have more simplified, vertical statures and human-like proportions.

Josh Finkle, Extinct ToysJosh Finkle, Extinct Toys

IKEA's soft toys

Now there's something cute for your children (or even for yourself if you like little animal plush toys to accessorize your home). Soft toys from IKEA are good for hugging, comforting, and playing.


Dreamy doll house

When I was little I dreamt about having my own doll house, where all my pretty ladies would drink tea and discuss about their upcoming scenarios (that's because they were all actresses). Still, my parents’ cabinets and bookcases where the best options for my little dolls. Nowadays it's good to be kid because I found the dream dollhouses, developed by Brinca Dada.

Brinca Dada, Bennett HouseBrinca Dada, Bennett House

Straight from "The Book of Jungle"

They might not have the atrocious posture like jungle animals have, but they will sure make an interesting, adventurous atmosphere in your kid's bedroom.

Ursa the BearUrsa the Bear

Wooden futuristic toys

Do you like playing? I sure love toys of every kind: dolls, cars, teddy bears which I carry with me in every house I live trough the years. I don't feel that is something wrong, cause dolls and toys enrich our life and house, and somehow make it more comfortable and warm (you know, like pets do). So, here is a great toy I found browsing on the Internet: Streamliner Classic Car is a special toy, loved by small (and big) children.

Streamliner Classic on BlackStreamliner Classic on Black

Cocoon playhouse for your kitten

If you're a loving cat person (such as myself) it means you spoil the little furry brat of yours with everything that comes on the market of pet toys and accessories although you know that the cute little monster will still sleep in your bed, play with a plain piece of string and scratch your entire furniture.

Nevertheless I fell in love with this Cat Cocoon designed by Warren Lieu that not only makes a modern playhouse for your pet but also an interesting piece of sculpture for the living room. The thick, durable, layered cardboard shell, great for claws sharpening, features playful holes irresistible for sticking little paws through. The multi-functional pet furniture it is at the same time a cat lounger, a scratching post, a playhouse and a fun hiding place.

Cocoon playhouse for your kittenCocoon playhouse for your kitten


Don't you just love these cute rag dolls found at Ptolemy Toys? Not only they make wonderful gifts for every little girl, but they're also beautiful decorative objects with their charming little faces and adorable tiny clothes and shoes.

Silke Doll AmelieSilke Doll Amelie

ROLZ Checker Set

Matt Carr designed the ROLZ Checker Set. This interesting checker set is made from stained and lacquered solid maple and leather board with coordinated wood veneered checker pieces that rolls up in a leather carrying case for transport and storage. Matt Carr explains: "The challenge was to reinvent the way we interpret a classic flat game board”

ROLZ Checker SetROLZ Checker Set

Rubber chess set

Designed by Buro fur Form for umbra this chess set has all the playing pieces made entirely from rubber. You can throw the pieces into your opponent without the fear of hurting him. I’m not saying to do this, but it’s just your insurance if you loose the game and you have a choleric temperament.

Chess set

Muji wooden toy

These animal inspired wooden toys from Muji are destined as gifts for kids but are far too beautiful and well designed to give them to a child who will only break it in a minute.

Chocosho bone-stacking game

Now this is a game perfect for hanging out, I mean there's no fun playing this alone. Who will go: aaaah, don't take that one, oh, no, ooh.

Ralph Lauren home cube puzzle

I love cube puzzles, they’re so fun and relaxing to solve, you forget about everything when start solving them.