Shining ufo-s or futuristic lamps?

Shining ufo-s or futuristic lamps?

When it comes to lighting accessories what words would you choose for describing them? I'll say practical, ergonomic, low-energy consuming and totally fashionable. That's because I can't imagine a modern home without a fancy illuminating lamp that suits its style.

Whether you prefer a more extravagant style, or you chose being classical, online stores offer you a very large palette of lamps. Small, tall, futuristic, in shape of a fire ball, of an unidentified flying object (Eurolantern floor lamp by Moooi Works), squared or any other shape, lighting accessories are there to enrich one's house.Eurolantern floor lamp

Futuristic lamps are constructed from high-tech mixes such as polyester stretch fabric, steel wire frame, polished aluminum stem and hand crafted porcelain components. One of our favorite is the Tress table lamp, $893.00, from hivemodern and designed by Marc Sadler. It is available on red, white and black, and it is also very elegant, thanks to its cable inside structure.

Mac&Mac Interiors present the Foscarini uto table/floor lamp, £309.00, for indoor/outdoor with a minimalist, sinuous design, so simple but so effective. The Aloe Blossom table lamp $2,948.00, designed by Jeremy Cole, showcased on PID looks just like a mysterious plant from Pandora. Can it communicate with the Na’vis? I don't know, but I sure want that item in my bedroom. What about you? Did you already come up with a favorite one?

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