The Nana Lure Chandelier combines botany and luxury

The Nana Lure Chandelier combines botany and luxury

The Nana Lure Chandelier by Pelle hangs right above you, like a branch of leaves on a tree. It adds a sense of tropical calm to your home. The chandelier's shades are made of cotton paper and lined with LED lights on the inside. The chandelier is based on the shape of banana leaves. It looks like a tropical plant when the Nana Lure Chandelier is turned off. However, it turns into one of the most vivid nature-themed lighting designs when it is turned on! This chandelier is driving me wild!

The Nana Lure Chandelier is an excellent example of what a chandelier can do for a room. Chandeliers are not truly useful, but chandeliers are emotional. It is not just that chandeliers make you feel rich, but that the Nana Lure chandelier makes you feel like you are on a tropical island and do not have to worry about anything else in the world. The lighting solution is made up of a single leaf, but it looks like the upper half of a banana tree when it's put together.

Nana Lure Chandelier

Each leaf is made of cotton/paper made and painted by hand. The shade is cut out to look just like a banana leaf, with the discolorations and even the ridges on the leaves. With a patinated steel frame, the shade stays in place. The frame's hollow inner is lined with an LED strip that points down, illuminating the leaf from inside to cast soft light down.

The Nana Lure Chandelier combines realism and fantasy to make a botanical picture come to life. Nana's banana fronds are made up of hand-sculpted specimens into giant cast-cotton painted leaves. It looks like a chandelier made out of leaves that are lit up to look like botanical illustrations. @via Nana Lure Chandelier.