Stylish headboard ideas to inspire you

Stylish headboard ideas to inspire you

When defining the style of a bedroom one of the key elements is the headboard of the bed. Depending on the material or materials chosen and the tonalities we can bet on something more traditional, more chic, more rustic, more daring, more personal ...

The possibilities in headboards are almost endless, including the option of removing them and replacing them with a set of cushions or velvet cushions.

1. Natural wood (... or imitation)
The wood is elegant, warm and combines well with all colors ... Nowadays there are options in natural wood (with very affordable prices) or in PVC imitating wood in multiple versions.

Natural wood headboardNatural wood headboard

2. Headboards lined with textiles and quilts
One of the most traditional options in regards to headboards is one of the lined headboards with textile and quilting, here we can choose the fabric and the color that fits best with the rest of the room and change it for another design.

Headboards lined with textiles and quiltsHeadboards lined with textiles and quilts

3. Of vegetable fibers
The vegetal fibers for headboards have become very fashionable in recent times, so much so that we can find them in the catalogs of some of the most prominent home decoration firms.

headboards Of vegetable fibersheadboards Of vegetable fibers

4. Recycled

headboards from Recycled materialsheadboards from Recycled materials

5. Headboards for children's bedrooms

Headboards for children's bedroomsHeadboards for children's bedrooms

Finally in children's bedrooms the options are very similar in terms of materials: wood, vegetable fibers and DIY; adding also the possibilities of color that multiply in children's rooms.