bedroom decorating ideas

A collection of Scandinavian bedroom design ideas

The Scandinavian style pays homage to the simplicity of life in the Nordic countries. A Scandinavian bedroom is simplistic, bright, and comforting. Furniture of this style often feels like a work of art, although it is simple and undervalued. There...

Stylish headboard ideas to inspire you

When defining the style of a bedroom one of the key elements is the headboard of the bed. Depending on the material or materials chosen and the tonalities we can bet on something more traditional, more chic, more rustic, more daring, more personal ...

Do you want to have a small dressing room in your bedroom?

Do you want to have a small dressing room in your bedroom but you can't afford the space? The idea is very simple, is to create your own dressing room with a folding screen just like in the movies. You can buy a cheap dressing folding screen around $80. Place it somewhere in your bedroom where you have some extra space and use it as a rear dressing room.