A few variations in modern bedroom design

A few variations in modern bedroom design

There are many types of ideas and methods used by designers, decorators and architects to adopt the modern bedroom design style. Modernism has always used lines, clean shapes and natural elements for decoration as a foundation. Adherents of this style believe that a house must be fully functional and that everything in your home must have a purpose, including decorating it.

modern bedroom uses architectural elements, shelves, wooden floors as the main decoration. The ambience is beautified according to the bedding that matches the rugs, the curtains or the vase on the nightstand. Reading enthusiasts can equip their furniture with books while keeping the concept simple, open and functional.

Below are some ideas for decorating your bedroom based on current concepts in interior design:

Use warm and neutral colours

To maintain modern air in the bedroom, specialists advise the use of recessed lighting in the ceiling. In addition, natural light is recommended for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Also, simple decorative elements and neutral colour palettes can tastefully complete the room.

Most appreciated the pale colours of green, light blue or pink, are primarily for children's bedrooms. Pastel walls with light and relaxing shades refresh the room and ensure a greater degree of comfort.

Decorating with antique furniture

What was will be again and what will be was a long time ago. History repeats itself or, at least, we like to believe that there is a bedroom decor cyclicity, just like in fashion. Thus, experts recommend decorating your bedroom with antique furniture, with a French bed, two bedside tables and a coffee table in the same trends.

Keep in mind that in modern bedrooms with a vintage ambience, we need to incorporate comforting elements that promote increased comfort and a night of restful sleep, such as soft lighting, fluffy bedding and a comfortable mattress.

Removing the wall with the bathroom

modern bedroom design

Today, more people are opting for an open space bedroom where parts of the bathroom wall are removed. There was no more door, but much more space and a comforting feeling of going straight from bed to shower and vice versa.

In this case, we have the advantage of listening to our favourite show or music on the bedroom TV while we follow our daily taboos in the bathroom.

Maximize the amount of natural light

To enjoy every little bit of sunlight, we are advised to purchase white curtains and light-coloured curtains. Even if they are harder to maintain, especially in families with small children, they compensate by maintaining an impeccable natural environment.

The quantity and quality of the natural light received by the body is reflected in energy, comfort, good mood and vitality throughout the day, having a beneficial role for health. That's why designers urge to decorate the modern bedroom with windows as large as possible, especially for those who live at home.

modern bedroom design

We are preserving the simplicity of furniture.

We notice more and more often the simplicity in executing the existing pieces of furniture in the modern bedrooms. It is to be avoided to decorate the room with massive, complex furniture, which has many accessories. It is ideal for focusing strictly on what is helpful to us and choosing interior accessories and pieces of furniture that have presence and significance.

For example, a bedroom decorated as lightly as possible will acquire a relaxed appearance, and it will give us more ease of movement when we operate a vertical vacuum cleaner for the cleaning process.

Night lighting in classic style

The light LEDs can be integrated into the bedside table to create a truly contemporary aesthetic and a romantic ambience, thus ensuring spectacular lighting.

Lighting is an essential component for a successful interior design, being much more important in winter when the days are shorter and the time spent in the house is longer than usual.

Preferences start from empty light bulbs in dynamic arrangements, elegant sculptural shapes and styles, coloured in vivid shades and continue with the contemporary extravagances integrated into the ceiling of the room.

Table lamps or those with sculptural shapes are used by most art lovers, usually located in the reading area. They create a distinguished and relaxing atmosphere.

So, the benefits of updating our bedroom according to the trends are multiple. It gives us an extra touch of elegance, where an ordinary bedroom does not. It substantially beautifies the room, increasing its brightness level and gives us much more free space by choosing simplistic furniture, a place that we can turn into a children's playground.

Having the distraction with decorating our bedroom modernly, we only invest in our good mood, in our comfort. This aspect will materialize, without a doubt, in our daily performance and in our relationships with those close to us.