bedroom design ideas

16 creative solutions for small bedrooms

One of the problems we usually face in decoration is the lack of space. Our houses are not as big as we would like and therefore we cannot furnish and decorate the rooms as we wish but we have to be creative to achieve a result that we like and that...

Salontafel 20 - Coffee table

Good bye to square angles! The coffee tables with square corners are passé. Embrace the future, given to you by this Salontafel 20, a white coffee table with very rounded corners. Its sleek design is distinguished by a thick shelf that seems to float above the second shelf, providing a valuable storage space in between.

Do you want to have a small dressing room in your bedroom?

Do you want to have a small dressing room in your bedroom but you can't afford the space? The idea is very simple, is to create your own dressing room with a folding screen just like in the movies. You can buy a cheap dressing folding screen around $80. Place it somewhere in your bedroom where you have some extra space and use it as a rear dressing room.