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In the mood for bamboo clocks

If you are a fan of Kirie art (that means paper cutting art, in Japanese), then you must consider buying one of these delightful looking clocks designed by Decoylab. Kirie 01 and Kirie 02 ($78.00 each) are wall clocks inspired by paper cutting technique, made from two layers: ivory acrylic layer and a bamboo backing.Decoylab, Kirie 01 Clock

Zoo Funny Timers

They are nice presents for children, looking good in their colorful chambers. If you don't have any children, let's say Zoo Timers are definitely a good investment if you're planning to redecorate your home. Useful and joyful, in shape of an owl, of a fish, a toucan and an elephant, these wall timers are George Nelson's designs, which contrast sharply with his sculptural wall clocks released in the 1950s.Buy them only at vitra.com Vitra Clock Collection

Hand Forged Metal Wall Clock

This bizarre looking wall clock is unique in style and design, and will look great on your bedroom wall. The hand forged metal is sculpted into a swirl of style and elegance. Finished in a tarnished brown with antiqued gold highlights and aged black details. Hand forged metal wall clock has a quartz movement but is battery operated. As you can guess batteries are not included. Measurements: 35" high. 36" wide. 3" deep. Hand Forged Metal Wall Clock

Matchstick Wall Clock

Designer Takashi Sakihara created this sleek, modern wood clock that is included in the U+ Collection for Umbra Store. Thin vertical recesses drawn in a curved veneer give the matchstick cluster appearance and, instead of usual numbers to indicate the hours, the clock uses pairs of metal indicators. The Matchstick wall clock's minimalist design highlights the harmony of symmetric architectural lines and the beauty of natural white birch. It will definitely smarten your living room so don't be too upset if your guests will be checking time too often.Matchstick Wall ClockDimensions: 13.5" x 14.25" x 1" (34 x 36 x 3 cm) Price: €137.50, available at Umbra.

Flower wall clocks

These are just some wall clocks that aren't only functional but also highly decorative. The floral theme is so charming; especially with this pink Bouquet Clock made of laser cut acrylic Perspex. Designer: Nadia Sheltawy, price £44.95, available at Hidden Art Shop. The Next Flower Wall Clock is made of white glass painted with pretty purple, red and orange flowers. Price: $47.00, available at FunkyLights.com. Bouquet Clock (pink)