lounge seat

Perfect for an afternoon siesta

I can't think for anything better in this hot summer than to stay relaxed in a lounge seat, at the sea-side, drinking orange juice or a delicious cocktail. I don't know what your favorite drink is, but I can give some ideas regarding the perfect lounge seat in which you can take a nap or read all day long. Miami-based PIE studio offers us beautiful, comfortable lounging chairs that cost from $1,400.00 to $5,400.00.PIE Studio, Natural Spaghetti chair

Divine Rest and a Dancing Chair

I found an interesting item recently, after a short session of surfing the Internet. You know those leisure days when all you really need is resting on your porch/terrace/balcony, reading a good book, or having a nap along with your kitty? I myself adore those quiet times. Therefore, I strongly suggest you get a comfy chair to suit this scenario.Constance Guisset, Dancing Chair

Just connect your chair, mate!

Sofa Community is about bringing people together. It's not just a chair, or a sofa. It is a modular seating system that can change lounging places at work and not only. Connect the pieces of “community” together with friends or colleagues and just seat, relax and find more about each other.Martin Zampach, Sofa Community

Modern wavy sofa

Want a comfortable sofa where you can seat all day with your lover watching movies? Here's a nice choice: Waves sofa from established Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen. This sinuous bench was designed by Anne-Mette Jensen and Morten Ernst who won, for their futuristic idea, Erik Jørgensen Møbel-fabrik design competition in 1994, which marked the 40 years jubilee of the company.

Is it a chair? Or maybe a chaise longue?

Roel Verhagen-Kaptein is a young Dutch designer with a very interesting view on home decoration. One of his best ranked product, the convertible sofa, help us to find solutions when space in our house is limited.Roel Verhagen-Kaptein Convertible Sofa

Mosspink sofa by Kati Meyer-Brühl

Well I don’t fancy the “coach potato” idiom much but seeing the Mosspink sofa presented by designer Kati Meyer-Brühl at The Design Annual Fair I believe I could embrace that epithet. Man, I could live on that sofa. What does the designer say about the Mosspink? The sofa, with its organic shapes, was inspired by nature, being designed with just a few layered elements to provide continuous comfort. Mosspink sofa by Kati Meyer-Brühl

L'Abbate Mc 105 armchair

With a minimalist, elegant design the L'abbate Mc 105 armchair created by Gio Ponti, may be perfect for a modern office but I think it has the same odds of being your favorite lounge seat in the house. Solid, spacious and stylish, it made a splash at this year's Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.L'Abbate Mc 105 armchair

Panton Relaxer

Now this is a lounge seat you’ll want in your living room. Panton Relaxer chair is designed by the well-known Danish designer Verner Panton, a promoter of the "space-age" living throughout the 1960s and 70s. With this simple curve chair, ergonomically fit to anybody size and posture, Panton highlights the art of lounge seating. Panton Relaxer Black

The most stylish acoustic refuge: Sonic Chair

Even in my most daring dream I couldn’t have imagine a giant ear muff you could sit in and listen to loud music without anyone bugging you. Well, maybe that’s why there are awarded designers. Holger Fritzlar and the designatics (Frank Hussong, Michael Kientzler and Daniela Reuter) must have thought at me when building the sonic chair (just kidding). The Sonic Chair allows you to sit at the very centre of a sound system adapted to your ears. The sound insulation creates an acoustic island: what you choose to listen to is hardly perceptible beyond the chair and background noises will not disturb your listen to music/audio book, either. The outside upholstery is made of top-grade leather in four basic colors: orange, green, pink and beige. Sonic Chair – orange

FK87 Grasshopper Chair

The FK87 Grasshopper Chair designed by Fabricius/Kastholm is a chaise Lounge with canvas base, chrome plated steel frame and detachable paneled cushions and neck support in aniline leather. The leather cushion is available in black, natural, dark brown, cognac and also in white but in limited edition. Dimensions: 27.95"w 57.09"d 33.28"h. Grasshopper Chair Available at SuiteNY.

Glow in the dark deckchair

This is a project developed by a young Argentinean designer named Ignacio Pilotto. It may look as the usual deckchair but it's sure not ordinary. The fabric covering glows in the dark thanks to dozen of luminous inserts. A chair that glows in the dark it's more than useful for a cruise ship and not only. In the case of blackout there will be no problem to find a comfortable seat while waiting for the light...or, if you live in a porch house this chair would make a lovely summer night setting. Just dreaming on... Ignacio Pilotto Deckchair