wall decoration

Fun, glowing wall stickers

I just can't get enough of these cute decorative stickers. Gecko's wall decals and stickers that glow in the dark bring a lot of fun into your homes.The Brazilian design company Gecko recently launched a collection of 10 fluorescent decals and stickers with cheerful patterns, among which city night lights, little cute ghosts and one-eyed aliens.

Decorative stickersDecorative stickers

Give your wall a retro look

Obsessed with vintage cameras or vintage everything for that matter? Then you must appreciate these beautiful prints created simply out of love for these historical items.

Hanging out with Petit Collage

And speaking of the child’s room here is a great addition to it and a lovely décor item: the zoo-motif laser-cut bamboo mobile from Petit Collage. Designed by artist Lorena Siminovich and hand-crafted from sustainable harvested bamboo plywood, the mobiles are easy to assemble and come in six fun retro-looking versions: bird-trio, owl-family, tree, forest, farm and jungle mobile.

Petit Collage - Bird Trio mobilePetit Collage - Bird Trio

The Book of Jungle on your walls

Animal-print looks fancy in fashion, but did you know it makes a good impression on your wall, too? Balsa Wall Hanging, from Fauna, designer Ross Meneuz, displays psychedelic images of zebras, leopards, camels and other wild animals which are hand-printed on small rectangular pieces of balsa wood or cotton broadcloth.

Fauna Balsa Wall Hanging, LeopardFauna Balsa Wall Hanging, Leopard

Nature inspired wall decor

One of my latest obsession is nature depicting photography and paintings. This is why I cannot imagine a cozy apartment without a wall decor to match the quiet nook. For nature lovers I suggest a few images inspired by delicate butterflies, optimistic spring, "magnetic" sea and even by forest fairies.

Just look at The Ripple Effect photo signed by Andrew Smith ($59.00) from Cuba Gallery. This image is captured with a precise knowledge of composition, shape, lines, space and texture. You might put it in your bedroom, or even hanging above the bath tub.

Andrew Smith: The Ripple EffectAndrew Smith: The Ripple Effect