Origami inspired pottery

Origami inspired pottery

Many people find their true passion later in life. Ceramist Ann Van Hoey was an established industrial engineer before she started focusing on ceramics. She graduated the Institute for Arts and Crafts in her hometown Mechelen, Belgium, in 2006, and nowadays she designs splendid and innovative ceramic collections, including her latest “Étude Géométrique” (“Geometric Study”).

Ann Van Hoey ceramicsAnn Van Hoey ceramics

What I like most about this set is the pure, minimalist design of the ceramic bowls with their unique folded shapes and natural neutral colors. The handmade creation process, in their case, includes thinly pieces of clay cut in semicircles and shaped in hemispherical bowls on the pottery wheel. After clay is dried, designer cuts triangular segments from it and joins the ends, resulting original, sculptural forms resembling to Origami paper-folding art. What do you think about them?

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