modern furniture

Avant-garde artistic nest

Decorating your home? Well, it’s not that easy as you may think. You have to be sure that your favorite place will be comfortable, relaxing, but also cheering and modern. And if you are married, have one or two kids, a dog or two aristocratic cats, your mission is getting harder and harder. I give you an advice: if you feel overwhelmed with your home decorating responsibilities, a deco expert is exactly what you need. For example, take a look of the project that Atmos Studio accomplished for a British actress and singer.Atmos Studio, The Woven Nest

Beautiful floral art for home

If you desire innovative furniture with clean, elegant lines and a romantic touch then Floral Art is what suits you best. The Los Angeles based design studio offers home products varnished with beautiful flowers and other botanical elements that give a radiant look and bring a breath of fresh air.Furniture items, home accessories, fragrances and body care products are all exploring "the power of the flower", the beauty, richness and sensibility of floral aesthetic and ingredients. After a visit to Floral Art's online store I've made a selection of furnishings and accessories I loved best.Floral Art, Fuchsia Peony Chair

Modern, elegant, beautiful Isobel

Whether you choose it for your minimalist-styled living room or in order to give your office a more modern, warm look, Isobel sofa (available through brings a great feeling. It shows versatility in design, and what we love the most is that the inner part of the armrest pops out and gives a clean look to this special sofa, or can be left in place for a cozier feel.Isobel sofa

Modern wavy sofa

Want a comfortable sofa where you can seat all day with your lover watching movies? Here's a nice choice: Waves sofa from established Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen. This sinuous bench was designed by Anne-Mette Jensen and Morten Ernst who won, for their futuristic idea, Erik Jørgensen Møbel-fabrik design competition in 1994, which marked the 40 years jubilee of the company.

Apartment Therapy by Jean-Christophe Aumas

Home is where you find the energy to begin a new day and where all the problems fade away. This is exactly what Jean-Christophe Aumas seemed to have in mind when he decorated his apartment in Paris.

Book me up for the collection - MYDNA bookcase

I'm all thumbs up for unconventional and modern furniture, especially if they are eco friendly, and that just because I'm against forest grubbing. But if you think otherwise, take into consideration the fact that it doesn't have to be necessarily woody to create an environmental effect. Modern furniture designers test their ingenuity by creating twisted furniture pieces, literally. Take for example this MYDNA twisted bookcase from Joel Escalona's furniture studio. It's unique, fluid in shape and intriguing as a furniture piece.MYDNA twisted bookcase

Surround yourself with eco friendly, modern and minimalistic

Every time I go shopping with my girlfriends and pass by a bedding supply store, I stop and stare at the beautiful bedding arrangements a full 10 minutes, dreaming about my future home and possible bedroom. Sometimes, I'm willing to spend more than 10 minutes window shopping at those stores especially when I have time by my side, because I like "studying" the fabrics, colors, material combinations and labels. But if you want to spare those extra hours and do the same thing, but in a more comfortable way, you can google away everything that comes to your mind regarding bedding supplies. Look what I found from Inhabit.

Take a chill moment - the tendencies of modern furniture

Coco Chanel's old saying "less is more" not only influenced the mind of young fashion designers, but also the tendencies of modern furniture features. Now, what's "less is better", continuing the idea of fluid lines and gravitational defiant curves of nowadays furniture design. Cassina and Jean Marie Massaud teamed up to create spacious, aesthetic and contemporary furniture in order to launch their uber exclusivist collection. The Aspen opposing sofas work as a long sleek single seating surface and lounge area.Aspen Modern Sofa Lounge from Cassina

3 Great contemporary floor lamps

Let's say you live in a modern room. You will need a great contemporary floor lamp to provide a better functionality and style for your room. I put tougher a few suggestions of contemporary floor lamps for you to choose from:Contemporary floor lamp