apartment styling

LifeEdited urban nest

A 39 square meters studio must be designed as a multipurpose urban habitat in an eco-friendly, space-optimization manner. This wonder apartment fits in dinner for twelve, a guests’ room, a home office, a home theater and lots of storage space. This is the LifeEdited project of entrepreneur Graham Hill, Canadian-born architect, founder of TreeHugger.com and promoter of minimalist philosophy and sustainability in urban dwelling.LifeEdited Apartment 1: the living room and home office

Decorating ideas for a happy home

Designer Jeannie Fraise loves to travel, les belles arts and interior design. She’s also a big fan of colorful, graphic home textiles and accessories used for creating unique, playful and comfortable living spaces. During the past seven years, under the label Lotus Bleu, she has worked on over forty interior design projects, home renovation and furniture reupholstery. Each time she achieved spectacular results and therefore her work has been included in the San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase and gained regional and national recognition.Lotus Blue Design boutique

Avant-garde artistic nest

Decorating your home? Well, it’s not that easy as you may think. You have to be sure that your favorite place will be comfortable, relaxing, but also cheering and modern. And if you are married, have one or two kids, a dog or two aristocratic cats, your mission is getting harder and harder. I give you an advice: if you feel overwhelmed with your home decorating responsibilities, a deco expert is exactly what you need. For example, take a look of the project that Atmos Studio accomplished for a British actress and singer.Atmos Studio, The Woven Nest

Great Camp Collection

Wondering what is the story of this wavy furniture? Actually, it's all about recreating the nineteenth century New York state country cabin's style. Designer Paul Loebach called this "rustic" series the Great Camp Collection which include dining chairs, a coat rack, dresser and credenza. The pieces are made using special techniques such as CNC machining in order to create beautiful irregular shapes. Paul Loebach, the Great Camp Collection

Beautiful floral art for home

If you desire innovative furniture with clean, elegant lines and a romantic touch then Floral Art is what suits you best. The Los Angeles based design studio offers home products varnished with beautiful flowers and other botanical elements that give a radiant look and bring a breath of fresh air.Furniture items, home accessories, fragrances and body care products are all exploring "the power of the flower", the beauty, richness and sensibility of floral aesthetic and ingredients. After a visit to Floral Art's online store I've made a selection of furnishings and accessories I loved best.Floral Art, Fuchsia Peony Chair

Nature inspired wall decor

One of my latest obsession is nature depicting photography and paintings. This is why I cannot imagine a cozy apartment without a wall decor to match the quiet nook. For nature lovers I suggest a few images inspired by delicate butterflies, optimistic spring, "magnetic" sea and even by forest fairies.Just look at The Ripple Effect photo signed by Andrew Smith ($59.00) from Cuba Gallery. This image is captured with a precise knowledge of composition, shape, lines, space and texture. You might put it in your bedroom, or even hanging above the bath tub.Andrew Smith: The Ripple Effect

Gotta love Fifi Mandirac's style

How would you define the perfect home? Is it a big house with lots of flowers and pets, or a cozy tiny apartment? No matter the dimensions of the architecture, we suggest that the ideal place to reside must respect the owner's personality and create a sublime state of wellbeing.

Apartment Therapy by Jean-Christophe Aumas

Home is where you find the energy to begin a new day and where all the problems fade away. This is exactly what Jean-Christophe Aumas seemed to have in mind when he decorated his apartment in Paris.