Something Old, Something New, Something for Millennials

Something Old, Something New, Something for Millennials

The way that some media outlets talk, you might be forgiven for thinking that millennials are an entirely separate species. It can make gift giving a little overwhelming.

If you're looking for a last minute present for the millennial in your life, some shape or form of money will always be welcome to these poor college debt saddled souls. If, on the other hand, you’re hoping for something a little more personalized, forget something old, something new; try these ideas instead.

Something Useful

Above all, millennials value things that are useful. If you want to get them fine art, make sure it's functional fine art, something they can use every day as opposed to something that will gather dust until they have to pack it up when they inevitably move for the umpteenth time.

Something Small

That’s the other thing: since many millennials are rootless, either renting or moving regularly or traveling often, be aware of the size of any presents you’re thinking of buying. Many millennials live in small houses or smaller apartments as well, so they might not have the space to display a larger piece. 

Something from their Wishlist

Last and most important, remember that many millennials keep a wishlist online and are more than happy to share it. Many of these online wishlists will alert you if someone else has already bought the item, removing the chance of accidentally getting a duplicate present. The worst thing to get a millennial is something they don’t need, don’t want, or don’t have room for. Millennials really aren’t a separate species, and it's not hard to find gifts they'll love as long as you're sensitive to their needs. Above all, trust your gut. You know your millennial better than you realize, and the gift they’ll appreciate most of all is the one only you would think to get for them.