5 Decorative Ways to Hide Your TV

5 Decorative Ways to Hide Your TV

Know what really kills your living room feng shui? That 50-inch TV in the middle of your room. When your TV isn't on, it's often still the focal point of the room. With TVs now bigger than ever, this can be a difficult issue to address. You may or may not want that big black rectangle drawing all of the energy of the room when you're not watching the big game or the "Dancing with the Stars" finale.

However, you also don't want your TV so "hidden" that it's difficult to get to when you want to just flip on CNN for a quick news update. Here are five easy and decorative solutions for hiding your TV when it's not in use, with some help from our friends at Houzz.com:

1. Use a Mirror

A mirror is an excellent way to solve your dilemma of artfully disguising your television when not in use. Mirrors have the effect of making a room look more spacious, so the bigger your TV, the better the effect when it's turned off. You can buy a separate mirror to hang over your TV, but there are now televisions available that have an integrated mirrored surface when not in use. They come with attractive "frames" that are really the body of the television.

2. A Folding Screen Room Divider

For those on a budget, a simple folding room divider can do the trick when you're not in the mood to watch TV. Choose a wood tone, screen design, color scheme, and size that fits your room and decor. Folding screens are lightweight and easy to set up, remove or set aside to have access to your TV.

3. Artwork TVs

This solution is based upon the same principles as mirror TVs. There are now televisions available that display an image or a piece of artwork when not in use. They come with your choice of attractive "frames" that are really the body of the television. Artwork can be integrated into the design of the TV, or pick up a separate piece that covers the TV. This is a great way to hide your television when not watching your favorite programming from www.GetDirectTV.org or a similar provider. Your TV will be disguised as a large painting or photograph of your choice, adding more aesthetic appeal to the room than a bland, dark box.

4. Furniture Concealers

There are innovative furniture designs on the market that can expertly conceal your TV when not in use. From those cabinet-style enclosures you might have seen in hotel rooms, to electronically powered pieces that raise and lower the TV from deep within a desk or bureau with the press of a button, the furniture becomes a classy focal point of the room when the TV is not in use. This is one of the more expensive solutions, but an artfully placed piece of fine furniture can be worth the cost.

5. Custom Curtains

Again, your television concealer solution need not be complicated or expensive. A simple curtain solution can be just what's called for to draw focus away from a blank TV when you're not using it. Set up a curtain rod and curtain panels the same way you would for a window, but hang them centered above your television. Choose a tasteful curtain rod and hardware design that complements the decor of your room. Select a curtain color, texture and length that accents your overall decor. Your custom curtains can either blend in or become a new focal point of the room.

How do you hide your TV?