Looking to Revamp Your Space? Here's Something You Should Consider

Looking to Revamp Your Space? Here's Something You Should Consider

Cabins are one of the coziest homes, often built from wood and overlooking an expanse of land or placed against a backdrop of mountains. And the interior of a cabin can be just as beautiful. However, many cabin owners overlook the value of a well-placed area rug. When used thoughtfully, a rug can serve many functions within the home.

A Pop of Palettes and Patterns

In rooms with a unified color palette, cabin area rugs can provide a pop of color or a dazzling pattern to mix things up. A rug can add personality and pizzazz in a subtle way, tying the entire design of the room together. If there’s no room for a beautiful statement rug, displaying it on the wall is a creative way to add in a certain color or pattern while not taking up any extra floor space.

Directional Markers

In a long hallway, a fitted rug not only softens footsteps but provides warmth and energy to what might otherwise be an uninspiring area of the home. Not only that, but they can act as a directional marker, showing guests that there are still more rooms to discover. Choose a rug with colors that align with the design of each adjoining room, and you’ve got a hallway to be reckoned with!

Room Dividers

Cabins often feature wide-open rooms that serve as a kitchen, living and dining area all in one. One easy way to divide these rooms is to gather furniture around an expansive rug. Frame an area rug with your favorite sofas and bookshelves to create a living room space, or place the dining room table on top of one to create the perfect room-within-a-room for sharing meals.

A Piece with Potential

Rugs are incredible tools for adding warm, color, style and comfort to a home. Whether your cabin is monochrome or bursting with color, a rug can accent any room and turn your cabin into a place you never want to leave.