Great Places To Swim in the World

Great Places To Swim in the World

Swimming is one of the great joys of the world for young and old. Finding an excellent place to swim always makes the experience better. What makes a place special? Natural beauty. Clean water. Exciting surroundings. Relaxing environment. Perfect temperatures. Here's hoping the next time you go swimming it will be at one of these wonderful spots.

Swimming Pool

It's hard to beat a nice swimming pool in a hotel or a place of business. These pools are often impeccably maintained and the water is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom. With commercial pool service Sarasota Fl you always know the water will be of the highest quality. So jump off the diving board and take the plunge into the crystal water of the pool.

Lake Michigan

The Great Lakes look like oceans, but they are made of fresh water and they do not contain sharks. They have been named the fresh water seas by many writers. While many of the lakes are great for swimming, Lake Michigan might be the best of the group. Much of the shoreline, especially on the Michigan side, is lined with soft sands, and the lake gradually deepens. This makes it perfect for swimming in the summertime. A number of state parks offer splendid swimming opportunities. Warren Dunes State Park near Indiana is one of the best. 


There are many great things about the swimming experience in Hawaii. Here's the top four:

  1. Delightful temperatures
  2. Clear water
  3. Abundant sea life
  4. Remote and quiet beaches

All of the islands are packed with numerous beaches. Some of them are popular and others you will have all to yourself. The Big Island is particularly famous for a mix of beaches, from the warm and dry Kona side to the wet and wild Hilo side.