Four Common Reasons for a Sluggish AC

Four Common Reasons for a Sluggish AC

If your air conditioner is not providing the cooling level you require, proper maintenance could be the answer. AC malfunctions are usually due to the following four issues:

1. Dirty Filter

Debris and dust caught in your AC's filter can decrease the unit's ability to cool by preventing warm air from passing through and leaving the environment. Cleaning your unit's filters every three months can also allow the necessary airflow to maintain the other parts' proper function. 

2. Condensate Drain Pan Overflow

The condensate pipe that directs indoor moisture outside can become clogged with algae and fungi, causing an overflow of water that results in a flood inside your home. Services that handle AC repairs Manchester NH, can thoroughly clean and disinfect the drainpipe. Routine cleaning of the coils and fan can prevent mold formation. Once mold forms, it can spread quickly and penetrate your home's breathable air.

3. Malfunctioning Fan

An AC fan is vital for extracting warm air from your home's interior and depositing it outside. A broken fan could cause excessive pressure on the compressor, which is the part that pumps the refrigerant throughout the unit to promote heat absorption. Electrical system problems that warrant inspection by a professional could be responsible for poorly functioning fans.

4. Frozen Evaporator Coils

The AC unit's fan circulates warm air that passes over the evaporator coils to allow the refrigerant to absorb it. Dirty filters decrease air movement and prevent this process from happening; therefore, the indoor environment retains heat, and the coils freeze from lack of exposure to warm air. The refrigerant's inability to absorb the heat strains the unit as it works harder to cool until it stops functioning entirely. A high energy bill is a symptom of frozen evaporator coils.   

An AC unit can last for many years, provided that it is well-maintained through proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent potentially irreparable problems.