Paper Cushions from shredded paper

In the spirit of eco responsibility, the designer Gyeongwan Koo has created a simple machine that allows you to recycle your waste paper in a sealable fabric bag that becomes a fun looking pillow.Paper Cushions

Time for special pillows!

Lost City has an interesting approach on pillow fabric design. Whether it is inspired by crime scenes (yes, creepy!) or medieval drawings, every pillow is unique, and worthy to be in your comfy house. Forensic pillows are inspired by macabre scenes, but not in the way you probably think. Finger prints, a subtle hair strand, blood spatter patterns, they all feed designers' inspiration, are reconsidered, and the final result is as artistic it can be. Forensic Pillow

Eco-Friendly Pillows

Amenity's eco-friendly pillows reflect the well-known splendour found in nature's shadows. Amenity pillows are considered to capture the affection and beauty of the outside and bring it into your home. They are hand silk-screened and sewn in Los Angeles by artisans and have a gorgeous contemporary look.Eco-Friendly Pillows

Slogan printed pillows

Well, these aren't quite slogan prints but some "street" spelling on this screen-printed cotton twill Truce Pillow from San Francisco gallery Fifty24SF. Price: $40, available at upper playground. The other one, Full Headlines Pillow, usher you in sleep with the latest ‘business news' from the...ahem...Dear Mirror. Price: $159 (cotton), to $179 (linen), available at OnleyMakeBelieve.com. Fifty24SF Truce Pillow