lounge sofa

Sleeping on pillows

If I had one of these beautiful sofas in my house I would probably sleep all day long without even thinking about having a problem. Cushionized sofas are all made of pillows, multicolored or pure white, but, no matter the model, extremely comfortable.

Christiane Högner, Cushionized sofaChristiane Högner, Cushionized sofa

Just connect your chair, mate!

Sofa Community is about bringing people together. It's not just a chair, or a sofa. It is a modular seating system that can change lounging places at work and not only. Connect the pieces of “community” together with friends or colleagues and just seat, relax and find more about each other.

Martin Zampach, Sofa CommunityMartin Zampach, Sofa Community

Modern, elegant, beautiful Isobel

Whether you choose it for your minimalist-styled living room or in order to give your office a more modern, warm look, Isobel sofa (available through hivemodern.com) brings a great feeling. It shows versatility in design, and what we love the most is that the inner part of the armrest pops out and gives a clean look to this special sofa, or can be left in place for a cozier feel.

"Isobel" sofaIsobel sofa

Take a chill moment - the tendencies of modern furniture

Coco Chanel's old saying "less is more" not only influenced the mind of young fashion designers, but also the tendencies of modern furniture features. Now, what's "less is better", continuing the idea of fluid lines and gravitational defiant curves of nowadays furniture design.

Cassina and Jean Marie Massaud teamed up to create spacious, aesthetic and contemporary furniture in order to launch their uber exclusivist collection. The Aspen opposing sofas work as a long sleek single seating surface and lounge area.

Aspen Modern Sofa LoungeAspen Modern Sofa Lounge from Cassina