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home decor

Avant-garde artistic nest

Decorating your home? Well, it’s not that easy as you may think. You have to be sure that your favorite place will be comfortable, relaxing, but also cheering and modern. And if you are married, have one or two kids, a dog or two aristocratic cats, your mission is getting harder and harder. I give you an advice: if you feel overwhelmed with your home decorating responsibilities, a deco expert is exactly what you need. For example, take a look of the project that Atmos Studio accomplished for a British actress and singer.

Atmos Studio, The Woven NestAtmos Studio, The Woven Nest

Time for special pillows!

Lost City has an interesting approach on pillow fabric design. Whether it is inspired by crime scenes (yes, creepy!) or medieval drawings, every pillow is unique, and worthy to be in your comfy house.

Forensic pillows are inspired by macabre scenes, but not in the way you probably think. Finger prints, a subtle hair strand, blood spatter patterns, they all feed designers' inspiration, are reconsidered, and the final result is as artistic it can be.

Forensic PillowForensic Pillow

We like Litill Terrariums

Our strong advice is to invest in Litill Terrariums, small ecosystems made with hand blown glass from the Pacific Northwest. We saw them on litill.com and simply fall in love.

Litill TerrariumsLitill Terrarium Lykt

Let's talk about Gridy

GRIDY is a design firm established in 2009 and based in Oslo, Norway. Its owners, two young designers, Lars Olav Dybdal and Wilhelm Grieg Teisner, have a solid background in this domain, from Bergen Academy of Arts and the Danish Design School. Their main interest? Product for home/office decor and spatial design.

Browsing through their work, we found futuristic, original items that will suite so well in your homes! Evil eye is a floor lamp, fun and different from any other lamp you've seen. This lamp plays the connection between the shade and the bulb. Rather than hiding the light source inside, the bulb brakes through the surface of the shade.

Gridy norvegian woodGridy norvegian wood

Sculptural furniture by Seth Rolland

I would love to have my home decorated entirely with designer pieces instead of soulless mass-production furniture, which is if I had a home of my own. Until then I can only dream of fitting in my imaginary bedroom a whimsical, curly Hayes cabinet and can only sigh for writing at the smooth, graceful Trimerous desk.

Hayes cabinetFurniture designer Seth Rolland shows his love for nature in every piece of home furnishings he creates. The simplicity and dynamic of the natural forms give his main inspiration while sustainably harvested wood is the basic material for the organic designed pieces.

Chromatic tendencies from Emma Gardner

Being a couch potato has its physical and psychical repercussions, especially if you neglect the environment part. Most people define home accessories as frivolous things, and that they can deprive from this unnecessary need.

But I insist on telling you that, there is a world dedicated to these kind o things, especially to making environments feel more like genuine indoor happiness spots. Eco friendly environments are not enough for household designers these days.

Sensuede pillows

Modern contemporary bedroom furniture

Nowadays, people seem to be more aware of the furniture they buy, wanting to know its origin of fabrication, materials used and so on.  All environments are trying to be more eco friendly, by adopting futuristic pieces of furniture made out of plexi glass, fiber glass, plastic, metal and more.

Less wood and more combinations of other materials lead those incredible big sales in a furniture store or online with reputable companies like Homeclick. The trend has already been set. Take for example this incredible bedroom, which beautifully combines the raw material with modern ones.

Modern bedrooms

Soundshelf - bookshelf speakers

Do you think that music sound better from the Soundshelf - bookshelf  speakers? You are correct.

Who designed the Soundshelf - bookshelf speakers? 2 young Polish designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz had the brilliant idea to merge a self with high definition speakers.

Framed light – lamp by Julian Mayor

British furniture designer and artist Julian Mayor has created many works during his career, among them are also the lamp. This project is named «framed light», there is neither shade nor beautiful legs. Although such a lamp may seem too simple and boring, you must understand that there is a special lamp. With such thin set of rules he created the frame, more like a figure of a polyhedron from a textbook on geometry or drawing than in the shade.

Framed light – lamp by Julian Mayor

1st real cinema screen format

At the Philips consumer lifestyle digital media event in 2009 the company announced the first LCD screen TV in the world offering a true image format film.

Contrary to popular belief, the 16:9 format is a pseudo film format, which does not offer the 2.39:1 ratio of the original image. With this TV format you can truly see a film in your home. We just have to order the popcorn.

Philips LCD screen TV

Mosspink sofa by Kati Meyer-Brühl

Well I don’t fancy the “coach potato” idiom much but seeing the Mosspink sofa presented by designer Kati Meyer-Brühl at The Design Annual Fair I believe I could embrace that epithet. Man, I could live on that sofa.
What does the designer say about the Mosspink? The sofa, with its organic shapes, was inspired by nature, being designed with just a few layered elements to provide continuous comfort.
Mosspink sofa by Kati Meyer-BrühlMosspink sofa by Kati Meyer-Brühl

Placentero chair

The “Placentero” chair is designed by the young Argentinean designer Batti. It’s made from eco leather (white, red, or black), the outer sphere plastic surface is a slick cool-grey fibreglass shell. The Placentero aims to mimic the experiences of the human beings have before birth. Placentero chair is only found at PID.Se.

Placentero chairPlacentero chair

Innovative bookshelves by Lago

Everybody should read books and everybody should have books in their homes. But do you have neat bookshelves? An original idea of the Italian brand Lago, which specializes in furniture design, is these bookshelves. This is an inovative bookshelf design that stands out from the crowd.

Creative bookshelves by LagoCreative bookshelves by Lago

Hive modular speakers system

The Hive modular speakers were produced from the desire to have a “wall of sound” when watching movies or listening to music. The modular system means that you can have one, or fill an entire wall with modular speakers.

Equation Bookshelf

Equation Bookshelf is an atypical and fun way to organize your books and not only. The main idea is quite simple. Marcos Breder and his design team from Brazilian company Estudio Breder created this bookshelf to divide things in priority order; a translation of the mathematical equation in home décor. So, put the most important book or any other object, such as a flowerpot or a portrait, between parentheses and set others between square brackets and braces.

equation bookshelf with flowerpotequation bookshelf with flowerpot