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Great Camp Collection

Wondering what is the story of this wavy furniture? Actually, it's all about recreating the nineteenth century New York state country cabin's style. Designer Paul Loebach called this "rustic" series the Great Camp Collection which include dining chairs, a coat rack, dresser and credenza. The pieces are made using special techniques such as CNC machining in order to create beautiful irregular shapes.

Paul Loebach, the Great Camp CollectionPaul Loebach, the Great Camp Collection

Take a chill moment - the tendencies of modern furniture

Coco Chanel's old saying "less is more" not only influenced the mind of young fashion designers, but also the tendencies of modern furniture features. Now, what's "less is better", continuing the idea of fluid lines and gravitational defiant curves of nowadays furniture design.

Cassina and Jean Marie Massaud teamed up to create spacious, aesthetic and contemporary furniture in order to launch their uber exclusivist collection. The Aspen opposing sofas work as a long sleek single seating surface and lounge area.

Aspen Modern Sofa LoungeAspen Modern Sofa Lounge from Cassina

Eco friendly furnishing wins every time

Eco friendly furnishing is very looked up by people who don't want to contribute at forest reclamations due to their civic values. For that, furniture designers come up with models of furniture made out of nonconformist materials such as fiber glass or polyurethane.

Although they bring an attribute to nature's elements, the Amaki sofa and Lyla lighting from Odue creations don't look very natural to me. Odue designers have a way with nowadays technology, as they prove handling very well the process of bending materials and color combination. The Amaki sofa is simple and very minimalist in appeal.

Amaki sofa

Innovative bookshelves by Lago

Everybody should read books and everybody should have books in their homes. But do you have neat bookshelves? An original idea of the Italian brand Lago, which specializes in furniture design, is these bookshelves. This is an inovative bookshelf design that stands out from the crowd.

Creative bookshelves by LagoCreative bookshelves by Lago

Seating Trays

These seating trays are designed by Tanya Aguiñiga (b.1978), a Los Angeles based furniture designer raised in Tijuana, Mexico. With a BA in Furniture Design from San Diego State University and an MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, Tanya uses furniture as a way to translate emotions into three dimensional objects and tell stories trough shape, color and surface.

seating traysseating trays