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Husk Chair - chic design and comfort

The Husk Chair is a beautiful and comfortable chair designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia. The Husk armchair consists in a simple plastic shell and lots of soft cushions. The chair's body support can be either fixed or rotating. The soft cushions are available in different sizes (standard, large and very large) and colors.Husk Chair design

Great Camp Collection

Wondering what is the story of this wavy furniture? Actually, it's all about recreating the nineteenth century New York state country cabin's style. Designer Paul Loebach called this "rustic" series the Great Camp Collection which include dining chairs, a coat rack, dresser and credenza. The pieces are made using special techniques such as CNC machining in order to create beautiful irregular shapes. Paul Loebach, the Great Camp Collection

Perfect for an afternoon siesta

I can't think for anything better in this hot summer than to stay relaxed in a lounge seat, at the sea-side, drinking orange juice or a delicious cocktail. I don't know what your favorite drink is, but I can give some ideas regarding the perfect lounge seat in which you can take a nap or read all day long. Miami-based PIE studio offers us beautiful, comfortable lounging chairs that cost from $1,400.00 to $5,400.00.PIE Studio, Natural Spaghetti chair

Divine Rest and a Dancing Chair

I found an interesting item recently, after a short session of surfing the Internet. You know those leisure days when all you really need is resting on your porch/terrace/balcony, reading a good book, or having a nap along with your kitty? I myself adore those quiet times. Therefore, I strongly suggest you get a comfy chair to suit this scenario.Constance Guisset, Dancing Chair

Comfy in a little tulip

Here's another tulip shaped chair for you, this one designed by Pierre Paulin in 1965 and reedited by Netherlands based Artifort Company.Handmade, with an upholstered covering and chrome base, the Little Tulip chair is more than just practical. Its refined, graphic design has an inviting and comfortable quality, suited for any location be it a working desk or at the dining table. After all, your favourite chair in the house should be "friendly, fun and colorful" as Pierre Paulin thought.

Take a seat into the future

When I think about what's probably going on in the mind of an interior designer, my world suddenly becomes futuristic from all points of view. Take for example this elegant and simple white chair designed by Erwine and Estelle Laverne in the early 1960's. If this is what they thought about back then, I'm more than curious to find out what's coming next. It doesn't matter if it's art as long as it's functional. The Tulip white chair is made out of a so called Pastili material, or a two part glass fiber casting to create the shininess effect.

Your own comfortable shell

I have always appreciated women with fine taste in interior design or "household fashion", and more than once refused to think that man could reach this level of impressionable indoor aesthetics. But lately, I've proved myself wrong. Man can be both objective and attentive to detail at the same time, and very difficult to impress when it comes to fine living. Let's take these two fine pieces of furniture: the Lobster and the Shelley chair designed and created by Verikon Furniture.

Chair by Borge Mogensen

This is the Spanish chair, designed by Danish Borge Mogensen. Its creator says he was inspired by Spanish rustic furniture when he created this model.