ceramic vase

Whimsical vases by Frank Willems

You want an idea for bringing in more fun into your home? Think of flower arrangements with these cute and funny ceramic vases. Created by Dutch designer Frank Willems the Áááh vase collection instantly grab your attention as each one of them portrays a whimsical character that enjoys holding flowers.

I Love Bambi ceramic vase by Frank WillemsI Love Bambi ceramic vase by Frank Willems

A number one vase

If you had asked me long time ago if I consider it proper buying vases for a present, I would have told you that vases are just not the right thing to gift. Now, my opinion has radically changed, and I consider beautiful and artistic vases not only make a great present but also a must-have modern home accessory.

Large Folded A VasesLarge Folded A Vases