Perfumes, candles and pure relaxation

Now there's a romantic and eco-friendly gift for your girlfriend! JenSan Candles relax you with delicate scents of roses, lavender, ylang-ylang and a touch of sandalwood, floral perfumes that can be sensed in the air long after the candle flame is burned down.

JenSan Rose CandleJenSan Rose Candle

Rechargeable Outdoor Candles

The candles are so romantic and peace giving in the same time, don't you want to have one to use over and over again, almost forever ?

Tree of Tealights

How to get a warm light for your room? The Tealight Tree Candelabra gently illuminates desk surroundings and ads up its own sculptural loveliness. Elegant and sumptuous metallic branches fan out from a wood base to strongly hold tea lights that cast a warm, fascinating glow. The tealight tree candelabra’s petite shape allows for eye contact and simple conversations between dinner guests.

Tree of TealightsTree of Tealights

Hygge-lys Candle by Jeremy Walton

Candles can be most useful when a power outage happens at night. Trust me, I know. That is if you live in a rented flat on an old building like me. But what happens if you know where you put the candles but can't find any matches? Jeremy Walton must have come across this nasty situatsion more than once in his life as, in 2002 he designed Hygge-lys, a candle with a built-in matchbox.

Hygge-lys CandleHygge-lys Candle