Balancing Custom Features and Standard Features

Balancing Custom Features and Standard Features

Remodeling or updating a kitchen can increase its functionality and enhance its appearance. There’s nearly an endless number of kitchen designs that can serve as inspiration for you. When it comes down to the final design choices, it’s important to create a balance between custom and standard features.


You’ll need to evaluate the appliance styles and special features you want in the appliances you’re including in your updated kitchen. If cooking is your passion, double ovens may be a feature you want in your updated kitchen. This could be considered an unnecessary feature to someone who doesn’t share your passion. If you choose to include double ovens, a contractor can help you find another feature to include in the design that could impress a potential buyer that’s not delighted with the double oven design.

Looking ahead

When you embark on a kitchen updating or remodeling project, you may not be thinking about the lifestyle changes that can occur over the next several years. Your family may expand to include children. Elderly parents may move in with you. You may become an empty-nester or find yourself having to relocate. As much as you want your remodeling project to accommodate your current needs, you should weigh out certain decisions based on the impact they can have on potential buyers in the future. You can get some beneficial advice about achieving a balance between custom and standard features from home remodeling contractors st louis mo

Kitchen Islands

Almost everyone finds a kitchen island with ample countertop space an appealing part of a kitchen design. Home remodeling contractors st louis mo can help you evaluate the benefits or negative connotations of design ideas such as placing a cooktop or sink in the island. The way you use your island area may change as the dynamics of your household changes.

You deserve to have the kitchen of your dreams to prepare meals for your family and friends. Professionals can help you with design ideas but you can make the final decision.