A rustic interior that generates a calm atmosphere

A rustic interior that generates a calm atmosphere

The rustic interiors have unique poetry, imprinted both by the lightness of the decor and by the beauty of the natural materials. Wood is what gives well-being, but it is about the inspired combination in which it is highlighted. And how can you create a rustic interior that meets the needs of today's comfort?

There are many solutions, but this time I stopped at a house in Barrika, Spain, an interior with a total area of ​​120 square meters, and the owners, Iker and Patricia, have two little girls. They bought the house for their family and found it in good condition, but because they could not afford a sudden renovation, they thought of having a project and then renovating it during May. So many years for the final environment to be as they dreamed. They turned to Raquel Lazaro, who thought of the interior design with her team from Lazaro Estudio, and Patricia Arostegi finally made the decoration. It is a true refuge of calm and tranquillity, where the patina of the materials is beautifully combined with the colours of the popular spectrum and smooth, simple, painted surfaces, and the combination between rustic and current is very nicely materialized, especially in kitchen and bathroom functions. Yes, simplicity is the key word, a calm background for furniture, fabrics and decorations, which convey a story of well-being and common sense. But let's discover this calm and beautiful interior.

beautiful interior

Everything starts from the outside of the house, where on the white background, the stone-clad arches of the windows are beautifully outlined and the wooden carpentry elements. The most beautiful, safe and easy to repaint are the white facades, which let the rest of the elements breathe but also give a rustic image, no matter where the house is.

access hall

The access hall in the house connects the ground floor designed as an open space, between the floor which is accessed by the interior staircase and one of the bathrooms. The designer provided that on the white background of the painting, the interior doors are beautifully outlined by their design and by the chosen colour in harmonious contrast with the wooden floor. If the door leaves are coloured, the door sills and frames chosen with straight edges are about the white baseboard that frames the wooden floor. A detail that matters a lot is the updated image of the house.

 entrance hall

From the entrance hall, the ground floor opens completely. In the first part are grouped the seating areas of the living room with lots of windows. Also, in the first part of the ground floor, the height of the space is higher, which gives the impression of more air, a place where you can move and breathe freely.

On the same side of the wall that encloses the door at the entrance to the house are lined two windows with different designs. The designer found the solution to harmonize them by building the right frame around the arched windows. Also, on either side of the corner with windows are placed pieces of approximately the same height (piano and desk with lid), thus creating an orderly assembly in the lower part of the room.


One of the windows in the arch is read immediately from the entrance to the house; as such, the designer provided that the place be marked beautifully and by an architectural artifice, respectively the windows on the corner to be framed by a structure to highlight them, but also to relate them to human height with the high ceiling in the area. The presence of the piano speaks about the concerns of the owners, an instrument that practically replaces the TV place.

A swing

A swing suspended in the living space becomes a point of attraction but also an object that makes you explore the height from here. Another trick in the decor provided by the stylist is the presence of overlapping carpets. The angle and contrast between them make you perceive the space as larger, more comfortable and more ornate, but all about the large windows and many light surfaces in white tones.

The sofa

The sofa located between the access area of ​​the ground floor and the kitchen leaves the decor on the first level of the house visible but especially lets the natural light circulate and flood the interior.

corner of the living area

Any child wants to stay with their parents, so the owners said that they want a corner of the living area on the ground floor for their children so that they can play with their parents but not alter the living space. Thus, the playground was chosen in the living area, and the atmosphere was treated romantically, with wooden furniture, but blinds, canopy and white textile decorations.

In the area of ​​the windows is located the dining area, where the floor of decorative cement tiles forms the image of a carpet. The rustic-looking furniture is complemented by plants placed in a wicker pot, and the presence of the books gives a pleasant, familiar air from home, and from a visual point of view, it colours the dining area.

dining area

The dining area is in direct contact with the kitchen, and yet the floor stops in the living room. The carpentry is sliding in the dining area, so if it is open, connecting with the outside, the floor is not affected if there is any unexpected rain.

The kitchen area

The kitchen area is highlighted both by the specific furniture and by the architecture of the space. Above the kitchen, the ceiling is lower, and the wood present on two parallel surfaces: floor and wooden beams from the ceiling. Between the white paint and against this background, the designer came up with a shade of furniture in contrast with the gold of the wood but provided the countertops just like the walls: white. Hence the feeling of brightness amplified.

Rustic and contemporary are beautifully intertwined in the kitchen, where the designer provided thin, contemporary countertops in relation to MDF furniture with a rustic design. Thus, the massiveness of the wood, but also the volume of the island table, are discreet, but with effect highlighted by the lightness of the countertops and the current design of the batteries and appliances. The countertops seem to float, giving an airy image to the furniture, and yes, it matters a lot that they are white.

The presence of the windows caused the designer to think of an ensemble without suspended bodies; as such, the storage of the necessary objects is supplemented by the presence of the island table and the ensemble of tall bodies on the side of the kitchen.

Next to the window, where the width of the wall was less than the depth needed to enclose the appliances, the designer provided shelves, which let natural light circulate, allow the window to open, but also provide storage space. Another important detail is the choice of several types of handles according to needs, so it is not necessary that the handles are the same everywhere, but it is important that, in general, they have the same shade and allow easy handling of drawers and closet doors.

service bathroom

The service bathroom on the ground floor is treated simple, functional, but current. The furniture made at a local workshop is one with a graphic, metallic look, but buried batteries were chosen for the installations. Also, the sink siphon is chosen as a metallic accent in the same nuance as the faucet finish and the mirror frame.

The staircase house also benefits from natural light, and here the design of the roof structure is left visible, which amplifies the rustic style. Towards the living room, a glass railing provides protection, but especially natural light. A contemporary element this railing, but which does not alter the style of the house. Where space narrows, near the doors, some of them have been provided by the designer sliding for easier access.

The upstairs bathroom

The upstairs bathroom is in sync with the rustic environment of the house, where furniture structures and walls finished with micro cement give a natural air. But the combination with the ceramic tile floor is interesting, which gives the impression of a carpet.

The washbasin area is arranged towards the window; the balance is organized according to the available space. For easier access to the storage shelves, located next to the sliding door, the designer provided open shelves, and the stylist chose baskets and woven pieces with a natural look.

bedrooms upstairs

The bedrooms upstairs benefit from a pleasant ambience pencilled by windows, the natural light highlighting the typical attic space with its sloping plants.

Where possible, above the wooden beams of the roof, the designer provided discreet lights, which give a scenic air to the rest area.

Rustic bedside tables

Rustic bedside tables successfully complement the decor, but more is chosen depending on the low height of the bed, a bed without headboard, but with a comfortable mattress, which matters the most for a restful sleep.

This house transmits a lot of peace, and although it seems that you can easily get something like that, there is a lot of work behind it. It is difficult to draw simple, beautiful things that inspire durability but also beauty. People generally shy away from simplicity and don't realize that many things can be beautifully painted when you decorate with common sense. This house is very well thought out from a functional point of view, an excellent job done by the designer Lazaro Estudio and the stylist Patricia Arostegi. A house that I liked. I hope it inspires you too!

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