The best antidote to a boring or old fashioned bathroom

The best antidote to a boring or old fashioned bathroom

If every day you face a dull and boring and even old bathroom , it is best to try to turn around these impressions with colorful and cheerful accessories. Thanks to the accessories you can at least add color and joy to space to avoid a dull bathroom.

And it is no small thing to face a "depressing" bathroom every day because the bathroom is one of the rooms that we inevitably use at home.

We would all like to have a newly renovated bathroom with a large shower, with a very light screen, barely noticeable, or even better, one of black industrial style profiles and of course some beautiful tiles. But the reality is usually different. Although we have shown many times that with a small budget you can transform the appearance of the bathroom.

When there is no budget or possibilities of major changes, it is best to opt for accessories with a lot of colors and even resort to a sense of humor, such as the Sheldon and Leonard bath and its mythical shower curtain with the periodic table to achieve a cheerful decoration and functional.

shower curtain

One of the options to achieve this is to imagine that your bathroom is next to an Ibiza beach. For that, the towels should be cheerful and carefree like these casual striped towels in blue tones, or the cheerful "jungle" patterned towels. Like a beach towel but in the bathroom at home.

Towel spa

Beautiful bathroom curtains that decrease the attention of other aspects of the bathroom, sot, welcome be a cheerful shower curtain that will become your "fourth wall". An element that by what it occupies visually is able to change the sensations of a bathroom.

shower curtain

Fun mats for the bathroom or racks and accessories you must make sure that your bathroom does not miss anything.

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