Classic Ways to Impress a Woman

Classic Ways to Impress a Woman

These days dating is largely done online, and while it may be tempting to look at how far society has come with technology, it's hard not to look back longingly at the dating customs of the past. If you are looking to really impress a girl, oftentimes going back to the basics is the best way to go. If you are in need of ideas, here are some things you might consider. 

Writing a Letter

You don't have to be a wordsmith to write a letter that will be meaningful to her. In fact, the act alone will likely impress her as people don't often put in the effort to handwrite a letter. Think of what you might say to her in a text, and consider writing that down with a pen and paper and conveying the words to her that way. It's a small thing that may leave a lasting impact.

Buying Her Flowers

While flowers may seem to be a bit more pricey than they were in the past, their significance has not been lost. Most women love to receive flowers. You may be surprised how many women have actually never received flowers. With the internet being so prevalent, it's easy to find flowers online Berkeley and have them delivered right to her doorstep or office.

Cooking Her Dinner

Take some of the pressure off of her, and consider making her dinner. Even if there is only one recipe that you make super well, the act of making it for her can leave a good impression on her. These days women are just as busy as men, and having a chance to not have to worry about what to eat will take a load off her shoulders.

Whatever you choose to do to impress her, it's the intent behind it that usually matters. With women, oftentimes less is more. Try doing the simple things to show that you care for her.