Avant-garde artistic nest

Decorating your home? Well, it’s not that easy as you may think. You have to be sure that your favorite place will be comfortable, relaxing, but also cheering and modern. And if you are married, have one or two kids, a dog or two aristocratic cats, your mission is getting harder and harder. I give you an advice: if you feel overwhelmed with your home decorating responsibilities, a deco expert is exactly what you need. For example, take a look of the project that Atmos Studio accomplished for a British actress and singer.

Atmos Studio, The Woven NestAtmos Studio, The Woven Nest

The Woven Nest is a brilliant example of a modern, cozy, relaxing house that provides incredible spaciousness. Each room is offering different views and directions, in order to never get bored. The doors from the hall and bedroom are folding together and the maximum continuity between the surfaces of the built-in furniture gives a sense of further elongation. Exactly like a nest, the house assembles around the central stairs with timber strands going upwards towards the light, unleashing delicate tendrils to frame each step and a thin metallic line offering support to the hands.

Atmos Studio, The Woven NestAtmos Studio, The Woven Nest

The stair-tree verticals curl into architraves; they continue into rooms where their lines form a desk and shelving unit, wrapping around to reveal the sheaves of the plank floor that conceal a bed within the floor-depth. The low table at the window flows out and forms a courtyard storage bench which slips back inside as a bathroom counter, carved with a sunken bath. The same surface then plunges through the bather’s view-sloth into the bedroom (a beautiful bedroom/bathroom opening).

This splendid architecture offers a remarkable view of the sky and the city, while protecting privacy of its inhabitants. It also gives a feeling of unlimited space, serenity and artistic inspiration.  

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