Pit House in Japanese style

This is how an eco-friendly, design-forward house should be like: modest even austere from the exterior but “hiding” an inviting, lovely interior with sinuous lines, round spaces and natural light. Completed in october 2011, The Pit House in Tamano, Okayama, Japan is designed by Keisuke Maeda of UID Architects for a young family with a child who wanted a tranquil, earth-connected home.Pit House by UID Architects, Japan

Beller Re-Turned woodcraft

I wish there are more designers like Lars Beller Fjetland. The Norwegian environmentally-conscious artist spent three years studying bleak economics before turning to something more creative and positive. A graduate from Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2012 Lars focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly design projects. He found a way to make good use of discarded wood through his “Re-turned” project – a series of recycled wood crafted birds.Lars Beller's Re-turned bird series

To have a house by the sea

Maritimo House in Rio Grande do Sul, designed by Brazilian company Seferin Arquitectura, is the perfect guest house that should be surrounded by splendid scenery.

Luminous, fresh nature on your desk

The original design of this FRESH LED desk lamp is inspired by tall wet grass, where the water drops magnify sunlight and the wet grass stems curve downward from the weight of the moisture. The stems of the FRESH LED desk lamp are bendable in all directions to direct prismatic light as a group or separately.FRESH desk lamp

A porch makeover in classic English style

This welcoming screened veranda is among the most elegant rooms I have ever seen. A spectacular sunroom addition that ads instant value to the house is a perfect place for family and friends to dine or just hang out together.Porch makeover

An Italian paradise for rent

Luxurious Villa Gaia is a private paradise for lovers of breathtaking countryside in Tuscany, Italy. Villa Gaia is designed to offer maximum privacy. This Italian villa dates back to 1400 and it’s newly restored with great attention. Villa Gaia was owned for centuries by an Italian aristocratic family. Its sumptuous beauty and peacefulness is sure to satisfy.Villa Gaia

Elegant wallpaper designs from China

This collection of beautiful and elegant wallpaper designs shows a wide range of cherry blossomed landscapes, hummingbirds and butterflies. Delicate nature images provide a soothing backdrop in any room of the house.

Eco camping in style

Eco Perch looks like a cross between a barn and a small, cozy chalet. Eco Perch is a wooden house, designed by Studio Blue Forest. This welcoming 4 bed retreat can be installed in less than 5 days and has also a kitchen, a bathroom and bedroom. This is a sustainable self-catering holiday house that blends harmoniously within the wild landscape offering a first-rate nature lodging experience.

The hall tree is a branch

If you want to bring a modern vibe to your hallway this sleek Branch Hanger by designer Marko Vuckovic would perfectly complete a minimalist styled room. The hanger is still in concept form but it has a big chance at mass production.

One hundred percent ecological roofs

Norway, like all Scandinavian countries, has always tried to live in harmony with nature, rather than to master it. Norway's old houses with "live" roofs is a perfect signature of this ecological trend.ecological roof

Fun, glowing wall stickers

I just can't get enough of these cute decorative stickers. Gecko's wall decals and stickers that glow in the dark bring a lot of fun into your homes.The Brazilian design company Gecko recently launched a collection of 10 fluorescent decals and stickers with cheerful patterns, among which city night lights, little cute ghosts and one-eyed aliens.Decorative stickers

Husk Chair - chic design and comfort

The Husk Chair is a beautiful and comfortable chair designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia. The Husk armchair consists in a simple plastic shell and lots of soft cushions. The chair's body support can be either fixed or rotating. The soft cushions are available in different sizes (standard, large and very large) and colors.Husk Chair design

Paper Cushions from shredded paper

In the spirit of eco responsibility, the designer Gyeongwan Koo has created a simple machine that allows you to recycle your waste paper in a sealable fabric bag that becomes a fun looking pillow.Paper Cushions

Original palm-shaped exterior shower

With its new orginal product PalmShower, Domet brings a small touch of summer in your garden. PalmShower is ideal for cooling the intense heat of the summer season!Palm-shaped exterior shower

Decorating ideas for a happy home

Designer Jeannie Fraise loves to travel, les belles arts and interior design. She’s also a big fan of colorful, graphic home textiles and accessories used for creating unique, playful and comfortable living spaces. During the past seven years, under the label Lotus Bleu, she has worked on over forty interior design projects, home renovation and furniture reupholstery. Each time she achieved spectacular results and therefore her work has been included in the San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase and gained regional and national recognition.Lotus Blue Design boutique

Porcelain ware lighting gadgets

Honestly, I have never seen such beautiful hybrid home gadgets like Ana Wagner’s lighting devices made from porcelain ware. Presented for the open public in an exhibition called Photophore, on May 27th, at Bucharest, each porcelain lamp is delicately hand painted, and therefore has a special story. The fragile bulb is being backed by brass or wood holder, giving these items a whimsical, vintage look.Ana Wagner, "Plants from my garden" table lamp

The chair made entirely of sugar

Between comestible furniture and ephemeral art furniture, you have to choose the destiny of this sugarchair. If you choose to enjoy its delights, you will need to ingest 30 pounds of colored sugar! The sugarchair can be licked by its possessor into a individualized and unique form.SugarChair

The world's safest house

The world's safest house protects you from all the bad things like, thieves, radiation, ghosts, apocalypse, evil spirits, ex-wife. This house has no balconies and any other house accessories that might attract enemies.World's safest house

Lace-dressed tableware

'Dressed' table set designed by Marcel Wanders for Alessi is simply stunning. Meant for special occasions, the tableware mixes modern minimalism and traditional luxury with a high-class look thanks to its delicate lace-like ornaments and stylish flowery edges. With a similar design, the cutlery has an incontestable refined quality reminding us of Baroque age.

Spruce your home with updated classics

I’ve always admired the art of restoration though I’m ashamed to admit that I never knew what to do with old fabric and furniture and they ended up thrown away or sold at the thrift market. Austin based design studio SpruceHome has made a nice growing business from transforming “orphaned” antique furniture pieces, mainly re-upholstering vintage chairs and sofas with eye-catching fabrics.In the golden afternoon sofa, $2,500.00 USD , SpruceHome: