Zeitraum - the master of purity

Zeitraum furniture with its minimalist design, even austere, mainly due to hardwood used and mostly square lines, “impresses without dominating”. A small German company working with a team of 10 people in the areas of product design, furniture sales and distribution, and commercial furnishing Zeitraum focuses on high quality instead of “designer frills”.Zeitraum - SimpleHi bed

Smart people choose only smart furniture

I've always wanted to have more space! I mean to have an extra-space in my house. And, because I can't throw everything out, I decided to buy smart furniture like this one here. Bamboo Stagger, from New York-based Brave Space Design is a shelving unit designed to help you store a variety of items and to open up all the possibilities for a less conventional storage and display of objects. Brave Space Design, Bamboo Stagger

A palace in the kitchen

You're going to rock every dinner party with this table set, if only the guests will attend you in washing the dishes. A simple concept with a fun surprise effect and high decorative value is the Seletti palace tableware, created by Stefano Seletti and Alessandro Zambelli for MAK Design Shop.Seletti palace - porcelain tableware

World's most expensive houses

1st Place - Antilla in Mumbai, India - Price: 1 billion $The 173 meters high glass tower has 27 floors and a living area of over 37,000 square meters. The world's most expensive house is the unique creation of Nita and Mukesh Ambani, one of India's leading magnates. "Antilla" also has a six-floor parking lot and nine elevators. Each house floor has the double of a normal height so the building is technically 60 floors high, just tall enough to have its own heliport. "Antilla" house design respects the principles of Vaastu, an Indian tradition similar to Feng Shui and is being catered by a staff of 600 people. "Antilla" will be the most expensive house in the world for a long time.

The storage that keeps its chin up

Lisa Sandall, a talented, enthusiastic designer, believes each project deserves an original approach and she often gets inspired by the way we behave around products. With that interesting point of view, I can imagine why she always comes up with innovative designs, easy to handle and extremely catchy!Lisa Sandall, Chin up storage unit

Elegant, witty tea set

Want to give your tea parties an unique look? Designers from London-based Undergrowth Design came up with this original idea of a stylish retro tea set with a perky wink. Blaue Blume tea set includes a tea pot ($128.00), milk jug ($59.00), beautiful tea cups ($59.00), including a pure white tea cup, original version ($59.00), all items being inspired by retro lace, pin-up girls and porcelain dolls.Undergrowth Design, Blaue Blume Tea Cup, Pure White Original Version

Camouflage dining set

What we love most about this dining table set is its unique shape that gives a totally different perspective to your kitchen or living room (it is more suitable for your kitchen, though).Brian Lee Studio, Chubby Brothers dining set

Divine Rest and a Dancing Chair

I found an interesting item recently, after a short session of surfing the Internet. You know those leisure days when all you really need is resting on your porch/terrace/balcony, reading a good book, or having a nap along with your kitty? I myself adore those quiet times. Therefore, I strongly suggest you get a comfy chair to suit this scenario.Constance Guisset, Dancing Chair

A new generation of vases

A new age is rising in home decoration. And if you don't believe me, just take a look at this beautiful jewel-like flower vase. Designer Erich Ginder found a new way to create by decimating heavily adorned forms using high resolution laser scanners. This technique results in stunning, futuristic abstractions such as the porcelain Materialized Vase which is available for buying at fancyjewels.com for $150.00 USD.Erich Ginder, Materialized Vase

In the mood for bamboo clocks

If you are a fan of Kirie art (that means paper cutting art, in Japanese), then you must consider buying one of these delightful looking clocks designed by Decoylab. Kirie 01 and Kirie 02 ($78.00 each) are wall clocks inspired by paper cutting technique, made from two layers: ivory acrylic layer and a bamboo backing.Decoylab, Kirie 01 Clock

Today's obsession: interactive bookcase

Open bookcase can look messy. This is why we strongly suggest you should buy partly covered storage. Here's a very interesting option: Block Party bookcase designed by Thomas Wold. It is available on two versions, Butter and Cream ($3,990.00) and Hello Color ($3,990.00), a creamy beige and a multicolored item.Block Party Bookcase, Hello Color

Perfumes, candles and pure relaxation

Now there's a romantic and eco-friendly gift for your girlfriend! JenSan Candles relax you with delicate scents of roses, lavender, ylang-ylang and a touch of sandalwood, floral perfumes that can be sensed in the air long after the candle flame is burned down.JenSan Rose Candle

Hop into bed kitty!

Wish to see more furniture for lovable pets? Here's another nice option if you're searching for a perfect sleeping place for cats or small dogs. The Hepper Pod Pet Bed is a stylish cocoon that offers security for your fluffy friend and a cozy, warm place for him to sleep.Hepper Pod Pet Bed with kitty inside

A clean elegant sconce

What we love most about this lighting device is its elegant, minimalist and nevertheless modern design. Legna Wall Sconce is fabricated of steel, frosted acrylic and wood veneer - teak, walnut or zebrawood. Jefdesigns Legna Wall Sconce

Just connect your chair, mate!

Sofa Community is about bringing people together. It's not just a chair, or a sofa. It is a modular seating system that can change lounging places at work and not only. Connect the pieces of “community” together with friends or colleagues and just seat, relax and find more about each other.Martin Zampach, Sofa Community

A calendar full of surprises!

There's a nice calendar for your kids, and even for you! Advent Calendar Red is different from other calendars you are used to, because it comes in form of small drawers in which you can put reminders or small presents for your loved ones (which makes it a great gift for holidays).Advent Calendar Red

Mirror mirror from the sea

This is a stunning peace of art, I would say. Handmade Shell Mirror is designed by talented Colleen Furano. In creating this unique piece of house decoration she was inspired by exotic places like Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Mexico, Hawaii where she spent hours walking on the beach and looking for beautiful, unique shells.Collectable Handmade Shell Mirror

Go everywhere with your Globus

Globus is a mobile work-station for one person that offers flexibility and helps you work whenever, wherever you like. Thanks to its rotating chair and the pull-out table top, you can take your work-station at home, at the office or to an ideal quiet, light, warm place where you find inspiration to deal with your projects.Globus work-station

Beautiful floral art for home

If you desire innovative furniture with clean, elegant lines and a romantic touch then Floral Art is what suits you best. The Los Angeles based design studio offers home products varnished with beautiful flowers and other botanical elements that give a radiant look and bring a breath of fresh air.Furniture items, home accessories, fragrances and body care products are all exploring "the power of the flower", the beauty, richness and sensibility of floral aesthetic and ingredients. After a visit to Floral Art's online store I've made a selection of furnishings and accessories I loved best.Floral Art, Fuchsia Peony Chair

A sanctuary for my kitty

Designer Elizabeth Paige Smith's Kittypod, a half cocoon bed placed on a tall pedestal base, looks like a futuristic sanctuary dedicated to the royal, lovable, cuddly kitten.Elizabeth Paige Smith Kittypod