A sanctuary for my kitty

Designer Elizabeth Paige Smith's Kittypod, a half cocoon bed placed on a tall pedestal base, looks like a futuristic sanctuary dedicated to the royal, lovable, cuddly kitten.

Elizabeth Paige Smith KittypodElizabeth Paige Smith Kittypod

Swan Tableware Collection

Swan is a beautiful Bone China tableware collection with a strong visual impact, inspired by the uniqueness of Tchaikovsky ballet. Impressed by the gracefulness of Swan Lake, performed at La Scala in Milan (spring 2008), AquiliAlberg designers gave sinuous, dynamic shapes to this dinner service that remind us of majestic swans flying over the water.

Swan Tableware CollectionSwan Tableware Collection

A doormat collector!

I own a nice doormat that says "Welcome home". It makes me feel like I finally found my lovable nest that radiates love and warmth. If I come home sad, that doormat cheers me up a bit. This is why I recommend you get funny, colorful home accessories and luckily I found some interesting items at Garnet Hill.

Garnet Hill Doormat CollectionGarnet Hill Doormat Collection

Modern, elegant, beautiful Isobel

Whether you choose it for your minimalist-styled living room or in order to give your office a more modern, warm look, Isobel sofa (available through hivemodern.com) brings a great feeling. It shows versatility in design, and what we love the most is that the inner part of the armrest pops out and gives a clean look to this special sofa, or can be left in place for a cozier feel.

"Isobel" sofaIsobel sofa

Just twist it together!

It's not just a lamp, it's a TwistTogether Lamp! This revolutionary illuminating home gadget designed by Brooklyn-based Company TwistTogether can be rearranged in order to create unique designs. When connected, with a simple twist, the 4 blocks in the set light up radiating a soft, inviting glow.

Twist Together LampTwist Together Lamp

Our favorite newspaper holder!

Now there's a home accessory we can all use! Lenga Wood Newspaper Stand from eco-friendly, household goods manufacturer Manufactum has six compartments to hold your favorite magazines and newspapers.

Lenga Wood newspaper standLenga Wood newspaper stand

Make room for Paradise Tree

We love colorful decorating items for homes. They cheer us up and make us remember of those beautiful times when we were happy careless children. That's why we immediately spotted Paradise Tree Coat Stand made from polyethylene and galvanized steel, a 2009 Oiva Toikka design.

Paradise Tree Coat StandParadise Tree Coat Stand

Straight from "The Book of Jungle"

They might not have the atrocious posture like jungle animals have, but they will sure make an interesting, adventurous atmosphere in your kid's bedroom.

Ursa the BearUrsa the Bear

Time for special pillows!

Lost City has an interesting approach on pillow fabric design. Whether it is inspired by crime scenes (yes, creepy!) or medieval drawings, every pillow is unique, and worthy to be in your comfy house.

Forensic pillows are inspired by macabre scenes, but not in the way you probably think. Finger prints, a subtle hair strand, blood spatter patterns, they all feed designers' inspiration, are reconsidered, and the final result is as artistic it can be.

Forensic PillowForensic Pillow

Modern wavy sofa

Want a comfortable sofa where you can seat all day with your lover watching movies? Here's a nice choice: Waves sofa from established Danish furniture manufacturer Erik Jørgensen. This sinuous bench was designed by Anne-Mette Jensen and Morten Ernst who won, for their futuristic idea, Erik Jørgensen Møbel-fabrik design competition in 1994, which marked the 40 years jubilee of the company.

Erik Jorgensen Wave Sofa

Modern desk for writers

If you are one of the lucky ones that call themselves writers, designers or web-masters, you have to consider placing a modern desk in your home. We like Katakana Writing Desk, a useful and artistic peace of furniture.

Katakana Writing DeskKatakana Writing Desk

Is it a chair? Or maybe a chaise longue?

Roel Verhagen-Kaptein is a young Dutch designer with a very interesting view on home decoration. One of his best ranked product, the convertible sofa, help us to find solutions when space in our house is limited.

Roel Verhagen-Kaptein Convertible SofaRoel Verhagen-Kaptein Convertible Sofa

We like Litill Terrariums

Our strong advice is to invest in Litill Terrariums, small ecosystems made with hand blown glass from the Pacific Northwest. We saw them on litill.com and simply fall in love.

Litill TerrariumsLitill Terrarium Lykt

Let's talk about Gridy

GRIDY is a design firm established in 2009 and based in Oslo, Norway. Its owners, two young designers, Lars Olav Dybdal and Wilhelm Grieg Teisner, have a solid background in this domain, from Bergen Academy of Arts and the Danish Design School. Their main interest? Product for home/office decor and spatial design.

Browsing through their work, we found futuristic, original items that will suite so well in your homes! Evil eye is a floor lamp, fun and different from any other lamp you've seen. This lamp plays the connection between the shade and the bulb. Rather than hiding the light source inside, the bulb brakes through the surface of the shade.

Gridy norvegian woodGridy norvegian wood

Bird, flowers and special pottery

Whitney Smith fell in love with throwing clay on the wheel when taking a class at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, in 1994. She had a great teacher (how important is to have an intelligent mentor!), Dan Martinez, who trained her, and taught her handmade  pottery basics. Then, she continued working for Sandi Dihl, a Santa Cruz artist, while taking anthropology classes. At that time she totally fell in love with this peace of art and decided to transform it in a full-time job. Whitney worked as an assistant for Bob Pool, while continuing to develop her own work, and began working as a full-time potter in 2000.

Decorative bird bowlDecorative bird bowl

Zoo Funny Timers

They are nice presents for children, looking good in their colorful chambers. If you don't have any children, let's say Zoo Timers are definitely a good investment if you're planning to redecorate your home. Useful and joyful, in shape of an owl, of a fish, a toucan and an elephant, these wall timers are George Nelson's designs, which contrast sharply with his sculptural wall clocks released in the 1950s.

Buy them only at vitra.com 


Vitra Clock CollectionVitra Clock Collection

Loving vintage tea cups

This time obsessions: vintage cups. They all have something poetic, reminding you of ancient love stories, family affairs, big political reunions or delicate old times rendez-vous. They look good in your kitchen or even in your bedroom, with a candle inside (romantic and ingenious). One of our favorites is Lefton China Teacup from Etsy.

Lefton China TeacupLefton China Teacup

Deluxe vintage bathtubs

If you’re one of the hedonist people (me included) who makes a soul healing ritual out of taking a bath and spends hours in the bathtub listening to blues than you agree with me that for such indulgence only an intimate, luxurious bathroom would fit this pleasuring habit.

Look no further than The Water Monopoly, the London-based company known to deliver some of the world’s finest bathroom ware, offering luxury restored antique English and French bathtubs as well as top quality reproduction pieces.

Porthole batthub from The Water MonopolyPorthole batthub from The Water Monopoly

Wooden futuristic toys

Do you like playing? I sure love toys of every kind: dolls, cars, teddy bears which I carry with me in every house I live trough the years. I don't feel that is something wrong, cause dolls and toys enrich our life and house, and somehow make it more comfortable and warm (you know, like pets do). So, here is a great toy I found browsing on the Internet: Streamliner Classic Car is a special toy, loved by small (and big) children.

Streamliner Classic on BlackStreamliner Classic on Black

Nature inspired wall decor

One of my latest obsession is nature depicting photography and paintings. This is why I cannot imagine a cozy apartment without a wall decor to match the quiet nook. For nature lovers I suggest a few images inspired by delicate butterflies, optimistic spring, "magnetic" sea and even by forest fairies.

Just look at The Ripple Effect photo signed by Andrew Smith ($59.00) from Cuba Gallery. This image is captured with a precise knowledge of composition, shape, lines, space and texture. You might put it in your bedroom, or even hanging above the bath tub.

Andrew Smith: The Ripple EffectAndrew Smith: The Ripple Effect