How can a Title Company Help Me?

How can a Title Company Help Me?

When you purchase a home, you first think of where do I sign it? Many things happen behind your back that can affect how much money you will be spending on the house. A title company in Jacksonville FL, can assist you with ownership issues.

The Ownership of a Home

One major issue deals with previous liens and ownership. One question is as follows: "What if my name is not on the title?"

This may sound like a simple answer, but it could mean trouble for you and your family if this happens to be true. The owner of the record needs to resolve any liens or claims against his property before it can be sold and transferred, including mortgages and judgments. This will ensure everyone gets paid and no one loses out as new owners take over the property.

A previous owner may not have cleared a debt or lien that they owed. If you purchase this property, technically, you are liable for the debt, and the creditor could later come after you for any judgment.

What Can a Title Company Do For You?

A title company can avoid such issues by conducting a "Title Lien Search," which would show all of the legal records attached to the particular property in question. This will provide powerful evidence, helping to protect yourself and your family in case of any unforeseen problems.

It is crucial to make sure that your name is on the title and there are no outstanding lien or claims against it when purchasing a house; otherwise, these could come back to haunt you when spending money on your new home. When you buy it, you want to keep it with no legal problems or having to pay for someone else's loans.