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LifeEdited urban nest

A 39 square meters studio must be designed as a multipurpose urban habitat in an eco-friendly, space-optimization manner. This wonder apartment fits in dinner for twelve, a guests’ room, a home office, a home theater and lots of storage space. This is the LifeEdited project of entrepreneur Graham Hill, Canadian-born architect, founder of and promoter of minimalist philosophy and sustainability in urban dwelling.LifeEdited Apartment 1: the living room and home office

Decorating ideas for a happy home

Designer Jeannie Fraise loves to travel, les belles arts and interior design. She’s also a big fan of colorful, graphic home textiles and accessories used for creating unique, playful and comfortable living spaces. During the past seven years, under the label Lotus Bleu, she has worked on over forty interior design projects, home renovation and furniture reupholstery. Each time she achieved spectacular results and therefore her work has been included in the San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase and gained regional and national recognition.Lotus Blue Design boutique

My colorful dream room

Ok, I promise that next time I will come up with a different style of home interior styling. It’s just I'm so in love with this all bucolic decorations that I want to see them everywhere. But enough is enough and after this article I will proceed in showing you something else.Marie bed by Delia Furniture