futuristic design

Let’s pour some light!

You now this scenario, I’m sure: you have a hard day at work, then take the crowded train and finally get home. There, the last thing you want is to do housework, because you’ll end up spelling everything anyway. Guess what, these kinds of days are actually really inspiring for designers. Yeongwoo Kim, Pouring Light Lamp

Avant-garde artistic nest

Decorating your home? Well, it’s not that easy as you may think. You have to be sure that your favorite place will be comfortable, relaxing, but also cheering and modern. And if you are married, have one or two kids, a dog or two aristocratic cats, your mission is getting harder and harder. I give you an advice: if you feel overwhelmed with your home decorating responsibilities, a deco expert is exactly what you need. For example, take a look of the project that Atmos Studio accomplished for a British actress and singer.Atmos Studio, The Woven Nest

Glass philosophy

Anna Torfs began designing her own glass collections in 2002, and through the years developed two beautiful lines, Anna Torfs Basics and Anna Torfs Edition. Her approach: to create contemporary design using traditional glass techniques. Color is crucial, evoking emotions, but transparency and translucency are not always identical, that is Anna's central theme.Anna Torfs, Anna Torfs Edition, Caja Caja Duo

Under our skin

An extraordinary exhibition awaits you until November 6, 2010 at the Next Level Gallery, in Paris. "Under my Skin", by architect and designer Bina Baitel, astonished its viewers with a series of mutant lamps and a new, original technique of light diffusion. Our favorite: a lamp that becomes carpet (Snug lamp) and another one that can provide you free space for your home (table lamp Pad); the raw material designer used is a special leather, just like a "skin" which looks like a leather outside the lamp, as I told you before, but becomes light in the inner part.Bina Baitel, Under my skin, snug lamp

Perfect for an afternoon siesta

I can't think for anything better in this hot summer than to stay relaxed in a lounge seat, at the sea-side, drinking orange juice or a delicious cocktail. I don't know what your favorite drink is, but I can give some ideas regarding the perfect lounge seat in which you can take a nap or read all day long. Miami-based PIE studio offers us beautiful, comfortable lounging chairs that cost from $1,400.00 to $5,400.00.PIE Studio, Natural Spaghetti chair

Origami inspired pottery

Many people find their true passion later in life. Ceramist Ann Van Hoey was an established industrial engineer before she started focusing on ceramics. She graduated the Institute for Arts and Crafts in her hometown Mechelen, Belgium, in 2006, and nowadays she designs splendid and innovative ceramic collections, including her latest “Étude Géométrique” (“Geometric Study”).Ann Van Hoey ceramics

Dreamy doll house

When I was little I dreamt about having my own doll house, where all my pretty ladies would drink tea and discuss about their upcoming scenarios (that's because they were all actresses). Still, my parents’ cabinets and bookcases where the best options for my little dolls. Nowadays it's good to be kid because I found the dream dollhouses, developed by Brinca Dada.Brinca Dada, Bennett House

The storage that keeps its chin up

Lisa Sandall, a talented, enthusiastic designer, believes each project deserves an original approach and she often gets inspired by the way we behave around products. With that interesting point of view, I can imagine why she always comes up with innovative designs, easy to handle and extremely catchy!Lisa Sandall, Chin up storage unit

A new generation of vases

A new age is rising in home decoration. And if you don't believe me, just take a look at this beautiful jewel-like flower vase. Designer Erich Ginder found a new way to create by decimating heavily adorned forms using high resolution laser scanners. This technique results in stunning, futuristic abstractions such as the porcelain Materialized Vase which is available for buying at fancyjewels.com for $150.00 USD.Erich Ginder, Materialized Vase

Hop into bed kitty!

Wish to see more furniture for lovable pets? Here's another nice option if you're searching for a perfect sleeping place for cats or small dogs. The Hepper Pod Pet Bed is a stylish cocoon that offers security for your fluffy friend and a cozy, warm place for him to sleep.Hepper Pod Pet Bed with kitty inside

Go everywhere with your Globus

Globus is a mobile work-station for one person that offers flexibility and helps you work whenever, wherever you like. Thanks to its rotating chair and the pull-out table top, you can take your work-station at home, at the office or to an ideal quiet, light, warm place where you find inspiration to deal with your projects.Globus work-station

Swan Tableware Collection

Swan is a beautiful Bone China tableware collection with a strong visual impact, inspired by the uniqueness of Tchaikovsky ballet. Impressed by the gracefulness of Swan Lake, performed at La Scala in Milan (spring 2008), AquiliAlberg designers gave sinuous, dynamic shapes to this dinner service that remind us of majestic swans flying over the water.Swan Tableware Collection

Shining ufo-s or futuristic lamps?

When it comes to lighting accessories what words would you choose for describing them? I'll say practical, ergonomic, low-energy consuming and totally fashionable. That's because I can't imagine a modern home without a fancy illuminating lamp that suits its style.Whether you prefer a more extravagant style, or you chose being classical, online stores offer you a very large palette of lamps. Small, tall, futuristic, in shape of a fire ball, of an unidentified flying object (Eurolantern floor lamp by Moooi Works), squared or any other shape, lighting accessories are there to enrich one's house.