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Furniture from the Waldorf Astoria New York will be auctioned

Chandeliers, vases, showcases and the doors to the suites in which the former US President Herbert Hoover or the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once slept: around 15,000 pieces of furniture from the famous Hotel Waldorf Astoria New York...

How to choose the right furniture

It may seem simple, but choosing the right piece of furniture for a room can often be a somewhat tricky task when you consider all the various aspects that need to be taken into consideration - its design, its colour, its size, its style and so on.

Fibonacci inspired coffee tables

Californian furniture designer Farzan Nemat aka MSTRF handcrafts beautiful coffee tables, head boards/bed frames, nightstands and decorative wall pieces from certified wood. His design philosophy is based on Fibonacci principle; now I am not a math expert but I can appreciate the complex geometric aesthetic of these designs. More so I would love to have one of those cute coffee tables with laser cut patterns and glossy lacquer finish.MSTRF Abaci series coffee table

iPod-like coffee tables

You are a fan of iPods and also of a good coffee enjoyed in your cozy living room? Then look no further because I have the perfect item for you. It is called the iTable, and it is a special coffee table designed by Italian artist Mirko Ginepro for Milan Design Week.iTable by Mirko Ginepro

Salontafel 20 - Coffee table

Good bye to square angles! The coffee tables with square corners are passé. Embrace the future, given to you by this Salontafel 20, a white coffee table with very rounded corners. Its sleek design is distinguished by a thick shelf that seems to float above the second shelf, providing a valuable storage space in between.

Tree coffee table

The "stink" tree coffee table is really heavy. It’s a beautiful furniture design inspired by the silhouette of the tree of heaven. The tree coffee table is made of solid mdf layers coated in automotive laquer and clear coat, this make it really strong.The tree coffee table can be produced in a range of colors, textures and styles here.Tree coffee tableThe tree coffee table is designed by Dylan Gold.

Curvatura table

This elegant piece of furniture, called Curvatura, was inspired by people who love their house plants as their own pets, providing them with care and attention. Designer Daniella Peña hand-crafted this table from maple wood giving it a simple and very graceful shape.Curvatura table