A beautiful gift or a treasure for your home

If you're looking for a beautiful gift for someone special or a treasure for your home, then consider an elegant decoration from a company like Fine Brand Sales. Vases are an addition to the home that can be used for several purposes.

Welcome the New Year with a new home design that suits your needs

Another year ... another opportunity to decorate! For many homeowners, the turning of the calendar to a fresh year is the perfect opportunity to get everything at home up to scratch and that means approaching DIY projects with a renewed sense of interest.

Modern dollhouses by top architects

Let’s marvel a little more at these beautiful dollhouses created by British architects, miniatures that found their lucky owners this November. UK based developer Cathedral Group enlisted 20 top architecture firms who, alongside talented artists and designers, created contemporary takes on a childhood favorite - the dollhouse. The creations were auctioned on November 11 and the profit raised, close to £90,000 was donated to KIDS, a charity that supports disabled children and young people.

Moderne wooden animal sculptures from Uusi

Are you searching for awesome gifts ideas? Then look no further than these charming wooden sculptures from Chicago-based design studio Uusi. If you’ve been following this blog you may have noticed that I have a slight obsession with wooden figurines, so I couldn’t resist posting these beauties. There are three animal sculptures box sets on Uusi online shop: the Moderne Wood box set, Farm and Safari (which is sold out but can be pre-ordered) with a sharp, minimalist style reminiscent of early 20th Century Modernism.

Supreme comfort: getting a good night's sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of living a healthy, happy and productive life. Studies have consistently shown that people who sleep well feel better about themselves, are less stressed and don’t fall ill as frequently, so why sacrifice these benefits for the sake of an old, uncomfortable mattress?

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Is bedroom clutter catching up with you? Keeping a small bedroom clean and tidy is far from simple. With limited storage space and a crowded closet, chairs and tables can quickly turn into improvised storage spaces for your clothing.

Enjoy your bathroom each day

It is never fun to take a bath or a shower in a bathroom that is too small for you. If you live with a girlfriend or boyfriend, sharing a bathroom can be one of the hardest parts of living together. Therefore, it is important that you have the space and comfort that you need to enjoy your bathroom each day.

Boutique Hotel Design: The Do's & Don'ts

Boutique hotels are all about being individual and luxurious, and therefore their interior design is what will either make or break them. Being an oasis of relaxation in a bustling tourist hub of a city, you want to invite your customers in with detail, quality, intimacy and, to a certain extent, eccentricity.

How sports lovers can kit out their sheds

If you've recently taken up a sporty new hobby or are finding a longstanding pastime is resulting in your home becoming cluttered with equipment, consider transforming your garden shed into a safe and secure area for keeping your sporty items.

4 Ideas for Furnishing Your Apartment on a Budget

Now that the excitement of landing your first apartment has finally died down, and you find yourself sitting in camp chairs watching movies on your laptop, perhaps it's time to consider furnishings. To make your apartment a home, you are going to need furniture and cookware at the least, and more than that if you want to live in comfort.

Safeguarding Our Safe Haven

Our homes are our safe haven. It gives us shelter from every storm imaginable, provides us with much-needed warmth for the coming winter, and offers us a sturdy roof above our heads as we bond with our loved ones; no wonder we invest a lot when it comes to giving our homes a massive face lift.

Decorative lighting in the current society

Since the beginning of time, interiors were lit with decorative and mood-setting lights after the sun was set in the evening. Through the years, celebrations and holidays have been unique occasions when rooms are brilliantly lit and special lighting is used.

Authentic and beautiful patchwork quilts

Quilts have an historical place in American history and have been prized over the years for their intricacy, color and detail. Quilts in the past were intricately pieced together from small leftover bits of cotton or wool fabric to create popular and traditional designs like “Log Cabin”, “Wedding Ring” and “Shoofly”.

5 Decorative Ways to Hide Your TV

Know what really kills your living room feng shui? That 50-inch TV in the middle of your room. When your TV isn't on, it's often still the focal point of the room. With TVs now bigger than ever, this can be a difficult issue to address. You may or may not want that big black rectangle drawing all of the energy of the room when you're not watching the big game or the "Dancing with the Stars" finale.

Ideas for handmade lamps

You can easily bring a personal touch to a room or a working space by adding something handmade. As lighting plays an important role in any modern habitat, the safest bet for joining both functionality and creativity is a lamp. Browsing trough Pinterest’s vast collection of pinned images I stumbled upon unique handmade lamps and fun, cool DIY projects.

Interior design on a shoestring

For many, leafing through interior design magazines incites mixed feelings of appreciation and jealousy. Yes, we appreciate the beauty of the homes depicted, but we’re also left green-eyed at the apparent unattainability of such a gorgeous home.

Need a Housewarming Gift? 6 Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

When it comes to moving, everyone has a different situation. Still, they need to figure out how to make their new place feel like home, and it's up to family and friends to help them. But when you are picking out a housewarming gift, you don't want to give something that is going to be stuck in the closet, nor do you want to spend a fortune. Here are some useful ideas than still have an element of fun.

How to choose the right furniture

It may seem simple, but choosing the right piece of furniture for a room can often be a somewhat tricky task when you consider all the various aspects that need to be taken into consideration - its design, its colour, its size, its style and so on.

Relaxed Guests: Inexpensive Guest Room Greatness

The No. 1 leisure travel activity for U.S. travelers is visiting family and friends, according to USTravel.org. Having family and friends stay in your home, instead of a hotel, helps guests save money and allows for a chance to spend some casual quality time together. Before guests arrive, keep in mind six tips for creating an enjoyable, stress-free experience for everyone.