Zara Home launches a collection made of 100% recycled glass

Zara Home has launched a beautiful collection of accessories made of 100% glass that presents the most attractive organic textures.

Decorative bottles, crockery, glassware and a set of bathrooms elements make up this collection fill with eco-consciousness.

Zara Home has explained that the production of this type of glass consumes less energy, less water, and less natural resources, so its manufacture has a minor impact on the environment.

Glassware | Zara Home New Collection

To make this collection, Zara Home has melted different glasses that had been used previously. And to achieve this, these glasses are fused at a lower temperature, which means that less energy is needed, while the creation of CO2 is reduced.

An ideal collection to give a fresh touch to your home this summer and that shows that sustainability and decoration are not at odds. [via zarahome.com]

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